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And what does it say about how Johnson’s latest wife that she thinks the Cabinet Room is hers to decide there should be a party in there? No respect for institutions, no respect for history, no interest in anything but their own leisure, pleasure and power.

I think after her interview today it is fair to add @BethRigby  to the @PippaCrerar  @DanielHewittITV  @PaulBrandITV  @GaryGibbonBlo @BBCRosAtkinsg rollcall of honour restoring faith in journalism as opposed to the government narrative reporting done by too many these days 1/2

Hello @BBCNews  @SkyNews  @itvnews  @GMB  why the news blackout on the massive queues of lorries heading to the Channel? I would have thought major economic damage and industrial inconvenience caused by new red tape due to a political choice falls within definition of newsworthy

Why have I not seen this story on a single bulletin? The new red tape is causing chaos. Damage that will outlast Johnson and Cummings, the Brexit liars now fighting to the death because the wife of Liar A doesn’t like Liar B. GB has been fucked by narcissistic sociopaths 1/2

Alternative 6 o’clock news. Much better than the real thing.

My daily reminder to Tory MPs that every day they conspire to save the skin of our crooked charlatan PM they damage themselves further, damage their party further and most important they damage the strength and standing of our country.

Oh dear. @mattfrei  just uttered the words ‘Boris Johnson has warned Vladimir Putin’ live on @Channel4News  … keep it serious Matt.

Tories complaining the media coverage is OTT. Can you even begin to imagine what it would be like if this was a Labour government?

439 deaths from Covid. Are their ‘thoughts and prayers’ still with those who sadly lost their lives? Or all too busy on Operation Save Big Dog Turd?


Boris Johnson and Prince Andrew - what an image the world is getting of Global Britain.

Worst possible Prime Minister and worst possible government at the worst possible time?

Re Johnson visit to Hexham hospital, Trust sources making clear 1. Number 10 told in advance masks to be worn. 2. Johnson and team told same on arrival. 3. Johnson was wearing mask but removed it once meeting over and tour began. 4. Was asked to put it back on. 5. Ignored 1/3

I do hope that at their next audience HMQ reminds the charlatan that obeying the rules was expected of everyone.

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Wake to news we are spending hundreds of millions on red tape to deal with border checks that were never going to happen because we had an oven ready deal and they needed us more than we needed them. Utter madness. Brexit the worst act of self harm by a single country ever