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Alastair Campbell

Writer, communicator, consultant, strategist, Ambassador Time to Change and other mental health charities. Fighting for REMAIN

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He was motivated by the right things and went about them in the right way. He was a man of passionate views and beliefs always rooted in the desire to improve the lives of the place and the people he came from. But he was pragmatic not ideological in his pursuit of them. 2/3

My last dealings with him were over a little film we made for the @open_britpress  campaign. We lost that one but it showed he fought to the end for what he believed. And his life and career as a whole were a huge success. His positive legacy in Ireland is immense. RIP

So the Chinese are building a new hospital in a week. How is the lying charlatan getting on with the 40 phantom hospitals he promised during the election?

Listening to @LenMcCluskey1  it is as though the election defeat never happened. And worse, as though he couldn’t really care less. The winning mentality has gone fro @UKLabour  and hard to see it coming back any time soon

Former 'red wall' areas could lose millions in council funding review

Fascinating and important conservation film on the equator by my wildlife pal @gordonjbuchanan  on BBC1 right now ... that boy gets about

Was that the war in 2003 that was followed by the 2005 election? Remind me.

A little clue here (and a great swearing lesson) re the identity of next guest on my and @GraceCampbell  podcast FOOTBALL, FEMINISM AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN - coming soon.

I for one shall be asking shopkeepers for ‘two 20p pieces and a 10’ if they offer me a 50p coin pretending that Brexit is about ‘peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations’ given it puts all three at risk. If they insist I will be channeling this man

Hello @CityCorpHeath  people - can’t decide if this bird near the viaduct is stuck or playing


May refuses to say if Article 50 can be revoked. Cos it can be. And refuses to publish Brexit papers. Because they make clear it should be

We now live in a country where there are more foodbanks than McDonalds branches. In the year @UKLabour  left power there was one.

Would love it if @UKLabour  candidates who know they can’t win would endorse @LibDems  candidate and vice versa. Only takes a few to start something big

The only time Amber was spot on was when she said you were a fucking chancer. Now find the £350m for the NHS or STFU

Lib Dems, whatever you think of Corbyn, you know what to do. Do it! Please

Memo @BBCPolitics  why is there a news blackout on the news that @BorisJohnson  visited a hospital and left to a chorus of booing from staff and patients?

I can confirm that this is a genuine email. And I can confirm its accuracy in all parts

By voting @UKLabour  people of Chingford and Woodford Green can defeat Iain Duncan-Smith. By voting @LibDems  people of Esher and Walton can dismiss @dominic_raab  and people of Wokingham can say farewell to John Redwood.These would be three great moments on what may be a grim night