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Zahawi and Sharp need to be gone by the end of the day. If not the Sunak era will become like Johnson’s just with better suits and better hair and not so many hi-viz jackets

Opinion | The Pro-Bolsonaro Riot Is Part of a Global Contagion - POLITICO …. Must read from @MoisesNaim ⁩ (the 3Ps guy I go on about on @RestIsPolitics ⁩ )

A lot to get through on the main @RestIsPolitics ⁩ pod this week. Strikes, gender rows, police misconduct, more Brexit madness. Plus the awful fate of women in Afghanistan, big problems facing China and my first dream involving @RoryStewartUK ⁩ !

Two really strong interviews on @BBCr4today  this morning … one from CBI boss, one just now from a trade union leader. Both United in their frustration at this useless government failing to rise to the challenges the country is facing

My piece for @Independent  Johnson and Richard Sharp: The BBC will ruin its reputation unless it can prove it can cover its own scandals

Just recorded this week’s @RestIsPolitics ⁩ Q and A and as we discussed Jacinda Ardern amongst many other things I thought a NZ Tree of the Day was in order … thanks to Kiwi fellow cold water swimming Philippa

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If one single British child went missing anywhere in the world GB government and media would go into meltdown and expect the world to care too. Dozens of kids have gone missing in GB but bedside they’re foreign and seeking asylum neither govt nor media seems to give a toss 1/2

Sunak has ended up with the worst of all worlds. Defended the indefensible for too long. So gets zero political capital back in the bank for sacking him. He is Johnson without the jokes …


Do you think Johnson statement tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? If so press LIKE. If on the other hand you think it is the deluded self-serving bullshit of a disgraced lying lawbreaker press RETWEET

General. Election. Now. Or take to the streets …. Five Prime Ministers in six years. Just fuck off. All of them

Last week TV, radio and right wing rags barely touched the story of Truss chief of staff Fulbrook being quizzed by the FBI. Let’s see if they do any better with the story that his salary is paid for not by the government but a lobbying firm which lobbies the government. Corrupt

Today is a good day to remind you that Brexit was fought for and won by a bunch of right wing, entitled, rich, corrupt liars, helped by a lying corrupt media, Russian money and organised criminality

Telegraph reporting as fact that Kamikwazi and Tross are planning to cut the value of benefits to the poorest“to reassure the markets” they can fund the scrapping of the 45p tax rate … these people are disgusting

Hello @BBCNews  @SkyNews  @itvnews  @GMB  why the news blackout on the massive queues of lorries heading to the Channel? I would have thought major economic damage and industrial inconvenience caused by new red tape due to a political choice falls within definition of newsworthy

The only time Amber was spot on was when she said you were a fucking chancer. Now find the £350m for the NHS or STFU