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Well done @mattfrei  - not easy making deep documentaries in Covid times. That was a fascinating watch. God I hope @realDonaldTrump  loses and loses big.

Some countries have dealt well with suppression of the virus. Some countries have dealt quite well with the economic fall out. Some countries have focused well on longer term planning. Some have done well on all 3. Most have done well on one. U.K. government has failed on all 3

When @BorisJohnson  talks about an ‘Australia style’ exit from the EU, it might as well be Namibia or Zimbabwe. It’s just that Australia sounds better because we tend to like Aussies. This is the latest chapter in a story of a small number of evil people effecting a coup. 1/2

Do we still hold all the cards @BorisJohnson  @michaelgove  ? Is it still the easiest deal in human history @LiamFoxM @DavidDavisMPP ? Are we having our cake and eating it or are we spaffing a country up against a wall? I hope you are all very proud of your lies and incompetence

Pay your taxes and go away. Forever. Can’t wait to unfollow you the day you lose

Countries where governments are hoping @JoeBiden  wins DEFRITIEESNZCAJPSENOZANGMX 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 INEGKECOPKKRUAGHALDKNL Countries hoping @realDonaldTrump  wins RUKPHUBRGB Thanks @BorisJohnson  @dominic_raab  for making us all so proud to be British

Off to Leeds for a chat with @StephLunch  and friends. Here is King’s Cross 804am

Why do I find it so hard to believe that the two children who died in the Channel really are in the ‘thoughts and prayers’ of @patel4witham  ? I wonder who were in her and other Tory MPs’ ‘thoughts & prayers’ the night they voted against children being reunited with refugee parents

I have never wavered in my view that @jeremycorbyn  becoming leader would be a disaster for @UKLabour  and that the country was never, ever going to put him in Downing Street. In a Parliamentary democracy, Opposition matters. He is a large part of why Brexit is happening and .. 1/4


Meanwhile, in a well-run country where just 22 have died, normality resumes, because of swift, bold, decisive action by a proper, capable, empathetic, serious, non-lying Prime Minister Compare and , and, if you're @BorisJohnsona  @jacindaardernt '>Br @jacindaardernt , weep

Wake to news we are spending hundreds of millions on red tape to deal with border checks that were never going to happen because we had an oven ready deal and they needed us more than we needed them. Utter madness. Brexit the worst act of self harm by a single country ever

Something pathetic about dozens of middle-aged not very bright men and women (Tory MPs) tweeting cut and paste joy and expecting congratulations for taking away the rights of young people to travel, work and live in some of the greatest, safest, most prosperous countries on earth

My fear about @BorisJohnson  ever getting near the position he now holds was that he would do irreparable damage both to our standing in the world and to standards in public life. We are witnessing national decline live on TV and it is painful and stomach churning to watch

Those bloody Europeans. Absolutely useless compared to our boys (and Priti Patel). Brexit should be a doddle with our superheroes after the fantastic job they have done on Covid. ‘Apparent success’ said the Liar in Chief. Back in hibernation now post Operation defend Dom

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The question and @MattHancockMP ⁩ reply should be played again and again. It is one of the worst things I have ever seen in a press conference. So happy to say how muc @BorisJohnson  ⁦⁩ thanks the NHS. But dead NHS staff ... ‘one for you Ruth,’ who doesn’t answer either

357 deaths - looking like it will be another day when UK death toll higher than the rest of the Europe combined. Day after day, the consequence of @BorisJohnson  catastrophic failure and incompetence exposed. All over the world, other governments have got on top of this, not ours

The politics of our country, once respected around the world, has been totally corrupted by wilful negligence by its own government. Brexit is a fraud. @BorisJohnson  is a fraud