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Alastair Campbell

Writer, communicator, consultant, strategist, Ambassador Time to Change and other mental health charities. Fighting for REMAIN

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The Norway-UK fisheries fiasco is making my blood boil almost as hot as the Northern Ireland sea border that is destabilising the peace process. The country is paying a massive price for the Johnson and Brexit lies

So weird to be wearing suit and tie. Been in at @GMB  checking the presenter chair and seeing if I can cope with the tech! And no I am NOT the new @piersmorgan  BUT I will be presenting alongside @susannareid100  May 10-12 thru Mental Health Awareness Week. 1/2

Tree of the Day is the one where we spotted this fabulous woodpecker doing its pecking ....

Results in Wales showing advantage of being in power and leading through a crisis. Added to which @MarkDrakeford  calm and measured style seems to go down well.

Many thanks for all the messages Re @GMB  - I took @adilray  advice and didn’t look at social media once while on air. Looking now at the usual mix of love and hate but with a few of the haters converted I would say! It flew by! A lot more going on than you realise when a guest 1/4


Meanwhile, in a well-run country where just 22 have died, normality resumes, because of swift, bold, decisive action by a proper, capable, empathetic, serious, non-lying Prime Minister Compare and , and, if you're @BorisJohnsona  @jacindaardernt '>Br @jacindaardernt , weep

Worst possible Prime Minister and worst possible government at the worst possible time?

Wake to news we are spending hundreds of millions on red tape to deal with border checks that were never going to happen because we had an oven ready deal and they needed us more than we needed them. Utter madness. Brexit the worst act of self harm by a single country ever

Something pathetic about dozens of middle-aged not very bright men and women (Tory MPs) tweeting cut and paste joy and expecting congratulations for taking away the rights of young people to travel, work and live in some of the greatest, safest, most prosperous countries on earth

My fear about @BorisJohnson  ever getting near the position he now holds was that he would do irreparable damage both to our standing in the world and to standards in public life. We are witnessing national decline live on TV and it is painful and stomach churning to watch

The @BBC  need to say something about this. Scandalous if true. And will harm them in the long run. The normalising of Trump lies is being mirrored here -BBC Chiefs say it's 'wrong to expose Boris Johnson's lies because it undermines trust in democracy' |

Those bloody Europeans. Absolutely useless compared to our boys (and Priti Patel). Brexit should be a doddle with our superheroes after the fantastic job they have done on Covid. ‘Apparent success’ said the Liar in Chief. Back in hibernation now post Operation defend Dom

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The question and @MattHancockMP ⁩ reply should be played again and again. It is one of the worst things I have ever seen in a press conference. So happy to say how muc @BorisJohnson  ⁦⁩ thanks the NHS. But dead NHS staff ... ‘one for you Ruth,’ who doesn’t answer either