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Writer, communicator, consultant, strategist, Ambassador Time to Change and other mental health charities. Fighting for REMAIN

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About to do @CNN  with @FareedZakaria  on election and tonight’s @votefinalsay  rally with two former PMs saying very interesting things about next week’s vote

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Musing on tonight’s excellent @votefinalsay ⁩ rally - it’s all about stopping @BorisJohnson  now. Both John Major and Tony Blair on top form and reminding people what real Prime Ministers look and sound like.

The @Telegraph  rightly no longer seen as a real newspaper, just part of the pro Johnson Lie Machine. But @thetimes  has been getting perilously close to the same space

She will be back as Baroness Morgan very soon. The loss of a soul played out live on national radio and TV

Best goal I have seen in a while - just worked out he ran 85 yards with the ball. Heung-Min Son what a player.


May refuses to say if Article 50 can be revoked. Cos it can be. And refuses to publish Brexit papers. Because they make clear it should be

The only time Amber was spot on was when she said you were a fucking chancer. Now find the £350m for the NHS or STFU

Memo @BBCPolitics  why is there a news blackout on the news that @BorisJohnson  visited a hospital and left to a chorus of booing from staff and patients?

By voting @UKLabour  people of Chingford and Woodford Green can defeat Iain Duncan-Smith. By voting @LibDems  people of Esher and Walton can dismiss @dominic_raab  and people of Wokingham can say farewell to John Redwood.These would be three great moments on what may be a grim night

Disgusting to see @BorisJohnson  pretend not to campaign while doing all he can to politicise and campaign around the terror attack. If only he had a fraction of the class and dignity of Jack Merritt’s father

A plea for tactical voting and tactical campaigning. A message to @UKLabour  @LibDems  supporters - and same applies to all non-Tory parties. Vote for the party that can stop @BorisJohnson  ... campaign for the party that can oust a Tory.

Well there’s a shock —— drain the swamp I say —— Nigel Farage admits he was offered a peerage 48 hours before election U-turn

I can confirm that this is a genuine email. And I can confirm its accuracy in all parts