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Pinterest's former COO Francoise Brougher has filed a gender discrimination suit against the company

The hidden designs in popular sports logos

This is why some say higher education isn't worth the money

Huawei has increasingly turned to MediaTek to source lower-tiered chips, and it may start using the company's 5G flagship chips

For now, TikTok's connected TV app will allow it to capture incremental viewing from larger-screen CTV devices

Alexander Wang and his team always apply creativity to business decisions

Why leaders are such bad judges of character

You can expect to go airborne at least three times on this race track

Money still moves even when worldwide borders are closed. Here's why the trillion-dollar global payments industry is so vital. @MastercardNews  @VocaLink  #ad 


Trump tried to poach German scientists working on a cure for coronavirus and offered cash so the vaccine would be exclusive to the USA

This man played Barney the dinosaur for 10 years — here's what it was like

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Everything we know about King Rama X of Thailand

See why potato farmers are destroying millions of potatoes

What it's like inside a Canadian marijuana greenhouse

You can take a seat anywhere with this wearable chair

While 40 million Americans filed for unemployment during the #coronavirus  pandemic, billionaires saw their net worth increase by half a trillion dollars

Justin Bieber's new music is blowing away people who never took him seriously

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A sudden loss of smell or taste could mean you have the coronavirus, even if you have no other symptoms.