BP's CEO plans to sell some oil projects and curb the development of others in order to meet climate change targets

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Should America introduce a gun buy-back scheme to reduce gun violence? #OpenFuture 

@marcfratschoel  @TourismMalaysiaW  @MY_Airportsh  @imigresenmyat  is mavcom doing about this . Writing big reports about 800 complaints a year. There are 800 people here queuing every day !!!!!!!!! Mavcom as a consumer organisation does not even have a Twitter account. And if you had social media there would be more complaints includingus

We tried jewelry from Mejuri—but is it as fine as the brand claims? #wallst 

‘Flash Boys’ exchange is expanding, now wants to save corporations fleeced by speed traders #wallst 

China, US had ‘constructive’ trade talks in WashingtonXinhua

John Hopkins - Cash Is King Right Now; Join Us TODAY For A Big Event

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GRIN BTC trends and pivots using Bonfire 🚀Nash (NEX) about to Mo0n? ⟶ √

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