BP's CEO plans to sell some oil projects and curb the development of others in order to meet climate change targets

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Highlight: @SenTedCruz  to @jack : “Your position is that you can sit in Silicon Valley and demand of the media that you can tell them what stories they can publish and you can tell the American people what reporting they can hear.” More:

When you fill out your ballot, ask yourself: Who will best restore decency and civility to the White House. Who can I be proud to tell my children and grandchildren I voted for.

The entire corporate media complex is now Ali Velshi, standing in front of a building engulfed in flames, claiming there isn’t a story in Biden’s Chinese pay-to-play scandal. #LaptopFromHell  #ChalkTalk 

The biggest story in America. The China/Biden pay-to-play scandal that corporate media and Big Tech want to suppress..

Americans for Prosperity, Koch brothers’ front group, deeply involved in packing & politicizing the Court, using dark money schemes we do not yet fully understand, & leading Republicans to break every rule, now decries packing or politicizing the Court.

“You’re still blocking their posts!” Sen. Ted Cruz pushes Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on his platform’s handling of a New York Post story on the Biden family

Biden's economic plans will cause US to lose companies, money to other countries: Americans for Tax Reform president @MorningsMaria  @FoxBusiness 

sorry for the delay. technical difficulties. @jack  probably didn't want you seeing this. Here we go. -- THE INVISIBLE ENEMY: CHAPTER 1 [outbreak + impeachment] Streaming now 👇