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Brit Hume

Brit Hume

Chief Political Analyst, Fox News Channel. Arguments welcome. Name callers & verbal abusers blocked.

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Joe Biden's mind has been the home of the whopper for decades.

Quote: "The SEC not only has ex­panded its reg­u­la­tory reach far be­yond its le­gal au­thor­ity; it has mor­phed from an um­pire ob­jectively en­forc­ing the rule of law to an eco­nomic pol­icy maker dic­tat­ing how the econ­omy will op­er­ate."

Quote:"His defense that some documents were housed in his 'locked garage with my Corvette' may go down as one of the most imbecilic statements in modern political history...then followed up with his 'no regrets' comment."

For sheer partisan blindness it would be hard to top this editorial. You would never know from reading it of the stream of extravagant and false claims Schiff uttered about evidence he said he had of Trump-Russia collusion. He didn't.

RT @JonahDispatch : FWIW, the reason this crap annoys a lot of folks who don’t work for the AP, is that a lot of outlets defer to the AP sty…

Quote from CJR editor: "The story, which included the Steele dossier and the Mueller report among other totemic moments, resulted in Pulitzer Prizes as well as embarrassing retractions and damaged careers,"

If this were an audio only recording, there would be no way to know it isn't Trump himself speaking.

Quote: "The View is a show about current events, hosted by several celebrities who don’t know much about current events, and who adamantly refuse to learn anything new about current events."

IRS data show the top 1% of earners paid 42.3% of the country’s income taxes in 2020. That’s a two-decade high in the share of taxes the 1% pay.


Judiciary Committee Democrats must have concluded that Barr would run rings around them if they let him answer their attacks. So they didn’t let him. What a display.

A NY Times columnist quits in disgust at what an organ of enforced orthodoxy the paper’s editorial pages have become. Read every word. The ring of truth is unmistakable.

Difference between Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders is that Bloomberg is trying to buy the election with his money and Warren/Sanders are trying to buy it with yours.

When I first saw this I thought he couldn’t have said it. But he did. He wants to take money from the poor for their own good.

Boy, this is embarrassing.

A presidential press conference, no matter who is president, is a forum to ask questions as tough as you like, but don’t argue. And you get one chance, maybe one followup. Your colleagues are waiting their turns. Show them some respect and the president. It’s not about you.

Nancy Pelosi said President Trump would remain forever impeached. Now he will also remain forever acquitted.

This thread is remarkable. What we have here is the managing editor of NBC politics acting on behalf the Democratic National Committee. This goes well beyond the liberal bias we’ve come to expect.