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Comey to Chris Wallace this morning on his previous statements that the FISA process was properly used, which the IG report flatly contradicts: “He is right. I was wrong.”

This aged well. Note that one of its authors is Adam Schiff’s committee counsel. Keep in mind that for all the misconduct found by the IG, his report is not by any means the last word on this seamy episode.

When this guy agrees it’s bad, you know it’s bad.

All the normal signs pointed to his defeat in ‘16. But he won. He is one of a kind, and usual metrics can be misleading. @FredBarnes ⁩ analysis.

Because, you see, all the misconduct detailed by the OIG, all of which erred in the same direction was just “sloppiness.”

Quote: “Of course, even if it was adequately predicated, it was still spying. That's why the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court, known as the FISA court, which approves wiretaps and other surveillance, is colloquially known as the ‘spy court.’”

Wrong guy. Didn’t you notice?


Difference between Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders is that Bloomberg is trying to buy the election with his money and Warren/Sanders are trying to buy it with yours.

When I first saw this I thought he couldn’t have said it. But he did. He wants to take money from the poor for their own good.

Adam Schiff keeps saying the whistleblower has a “statutory right to anonymity.” He said it again this morning. It is nonsense. Only the IC official who receives a whistleblower complaint is required to withhold the name, and not in all circumstances.

This smear was disgusting the first time around. This attempt to revive it is beyond disgusting and speaks to the dishonesty of leading organs of the mainstream media. They are corrupt.

Quote: “Mr. Schiff and De­moc­rats called the Nunes memo false­leased a ri­val sum­mary of the clas­si­fied FISA ev­i­dence. Now the IG has set­tled the de­bate by con­firm­ing the de­tails in the Nunes memo and ex­pos­ing Mr. Schiff’s un­truths.”

Both Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren said on Twitter Friday that Michael Brown was “murdered” by a “white” policeman in Ferguson, Mo. This is an absolute whopper and obviously does nothing to calm racial tension in this country. Yet it’s gotten almost no coverage.

Current media terminology: Looking into Trump = investigating. Looking into Biden = dirt digging.

Most of the media still can’t see through this guy? What will it take?