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Biden to announce inflation plan as gas prices hit new record today. WH Council of Econ Advisors Chair @CeciliaERouse  tells us: - National gas tax holiday is "on the table" - "Possible" Biden may end Trump-era tariffs on China - The US is not in a recession

CNN's @drsanjaygupta  joins New Day with what you need to know as Covid cases are on the rise.

A Ukrainian-American volunteer just back from the front line wants to see mobile training teams of volunteers who aren't in the US military. "100 guys... split... into teams of 2- in 2 weeks you can hit every major battalion on the front line and provide them that vital training"

CNN's @petemuntean  has the unbelievable story of a passenger who took control of a plane after the pilot became incapacitated.

DEVELOPING: Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was shot and killed while covering a conflict in the West Bank. @Hadas_Gold  has the latest from Jerusalem.

@ParisHilton  says she was abused "on a daily basis" at a residential treatment center as a teen. Now she's lobbying congress to address institutionalized abuse. "I'm fighting for change so that no child ever has to suffer in the name of 'treatment'"

@ParisHilton  is in Washington lobbying to prevent the abuse she says she endured in a treatment facility. Here's why she sees some similarities between what she and Britney Spears have been through.

Roe v. Wade overruled Michigan's 1931 ban on abortion. If Roe is superseded, the ban would go back into effect. Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald signed a letter pledging not to prosecute abortions but expects some other county prosecutors will.

Darice Browning is forced to feed her children recalled baby formula for their rare dietary needs. This Marine spouse can't find an alternative she can afford and other formulas make her kids vomit blood. She only has a two week supply left.


Across the country, election workers and officials risked their health so Americans could vote during a coronavirus spike. Tonight, many are in quarantine after being exposed to the virus.

Thanks for posting this link, Mercedes. This is actually the data I referred to in our interview today so I’m glad anyone who is curious can click and see just how few cases of voter fraud occurred in their state during the 38 year span of this data base. A few facts...

These are the children this war has taken. They have names. They had futures. The war in Ukraine is stolen childhood on an unimaginable scale.

Shots ring out behind @clarissaward  - as she stands less than 200 yards from the entrance of the Kabul airport. "It's definitely chaotic, she says. "It's definitely dangerous."

Yes, the president is pointing the finger at the military and law enforcement as the people from whom Hope Hicks likely contracted coronavirus.

The Breonna you should be talking about today is not me, @PressSec .

JUST NOW: Donetsk Region Military GovernorPavlo Kyrylenko says 20,000-22,000 dead in Mariupol based on info from diff source, figure is preliminary, not verified. He says Russian forces are taking Ukrainian bodies to separatist controlled areas to hide casualties.

“Healthy societies do not destroy their own history,” @TuckerCarlson  said last summer. But what he didn’t cop to is that he is part of the illness. A propagandist. A liar. A parasite.