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Obama says Trump uses military as “political props to deploy against peaceful protestors on our own soil.”

@jayrosen_nyu  @rfawalFor  example, after our interview on Tuesday, the same surrogate went on Fox News a short time later and when she alleged that mail-in ballots result in voter fraud the anchor responded with this:

@jayrosen_nyu  @rfawal “Where’s the evidence of this? You were challenged multiple times on that today and you did not come up with evidence of that, and quite frankly, there is strong evidence to the contrary.”

@jayrosen_nyu  @rfawalThese  interviews don’t happen in a vacuum. The hardcore disinfo will be promulgated unchecked on outlets friendly to the lies. If you don’t water a weed it dies, but if someone else is watering it generously you best not ignore it.

@jayrosen_nyu  @rfawalTotally  agree. It’s an impt debate. And thank you, I’ll read this. On editing - I think that can open us up in some instances to allegations of censorship and lack of transparency in fact checking.

@jayrosen_nyu  @rfawalLook , I personally found that interview frustrating, not entertaining, which I essentially said on air, but I thought there was informative fact checking in it and in our follow up on Twitter and on tv the next day.

It was a pleasure chatting about this. Have a great weekend.

What’s in it for them? It’s a crude question. And it misses the point. Wounded veterans and Gold Star families explain the decision to serve. CNN Home⭐️Front

The Breonna you should be talking about today is not me, @PressSec .


In response to ⁦ @mercedesschlapp ⁩’s @RealClearNews ⁩ op-ed. Get your facts straight. And don’t mess with my family.

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Thanks for posting this link, Mercedes. This is actually the data I referred to in our interview today so I’m glad anyone who is curious can click and see just how few cases of voter fraud occurred in their state during the 38 year span of this data base. A few facts...

Nevada, your favorite mail-in voting state, had six instances of voter fraud over 38 years, none related to mail-in voting, which the Heritage database allows you to search by.

AP FACT CHECK: Obama didn't have family separation policy

It says a lot about your priorities that, per capita, at that rate, a coronavirus death is the US is 2,106 times more likely to occur than a case of voter fraud in presidential and other kinds of elections.

Doctors tell @jaketapper  they disagree with White House adviser Peter Navarro’s statement that media is hyping need for protective equipment - CNNPolitics

My husband is on his sixth deployment right now. You don’t know anything about me.