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"Just like Liz Cheney, I believe in telling the truth," GA Lt. Gov @GeoffDuncanGA  says. "Any Republican talking...about the election fraud issues that have been debunked is not leadership. It only shows that you're able to take commands from Donald Trump."

A thorough look at the huge gaps in infertility coverage in the US - including for military families - by @Chloe_Melas ⁩ National Infertility Awareness Week: Inside America's infertility problem - CNN

Today on @NewDay  we roll the tape: Fox is not news no matter what it calls itself

Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner and former DC Police Chief Charles Ramsey says of the effects of the Chauvin ruling on police: “This doesn’t hurt them. It supports them.”

Senator Hawley has not been canceled. Au contraire... trying to get away from Senator Hawley is like trying to escape the Kardashians. Impossible, because he's everywhere. #RollTheTape 

Honoring the path of motherhood today and its full range of joy and . Thinking of all the people who no longer have their moms or babies with them or whose relationship with their moms or kids are more complicated than a greeting card. ❤️

Honoring the path of motherhood today and the full range joy and pain that comes with it. Thinking of those who no longer have their moms or babies with them and those whose relationships with their moms or kids are not what they want them to be. ❤️

Does Ron Johnson not understand how science works? We're just asking the question.


In response to ⁦ @mercedesschlapp ⁩’s @RealClearNews ⁩ op-ed. Get your facts straight. And don’t mess with my family.

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Thanks for posting this link, Mercedes. This is actually the data I referred to in our interview today so I’m glad anyone who is curious can click and see just how few cases of voter fraud occurred in their state during the 38 year span of this data base. A few facts...

Across the country, election workers and officials risked their health so Americans could vote during a coronavirus spike. Tonight, many are in quarantine after being exposed to the virus.

Yes, the president is pointing the finger at the military and law enforcement as the people from whom Hope Hicks likely contracted coronavirus.

The Breonna you should be talking about today is not me, @PressSec .

“Healthy societies do not destroy their own history,” @TuckerCarlson  said last summer. But what he didn’t cop to is that he is part of the illness. A propagandist. A liar. A parasite.

AP FACT CHECK: Obama didn't have family separation policy

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo has a history of peddling baseless claims that can only be described as propaganda. We roll the tape:

Trump: Can I be honest? Biden: Try to be honest.