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Also, haul the cyber ninjas before the oversight committee. We’re too many years into “let’s see if it burns itself out” for that to be an acceptable approach.

The effort to establish of a Juneteenth holiday certainly wasn’t a project to troll the cons, but if you’re a con who’s trolled by it, you might just have a more twisted and culpable mind than you're capable of admitting.

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Perhaps some conservatives can’t fathom ideological projects that aren’t just about trolling people who annoy you. But if you think 'celebrating the end of slavery would be good if it didn’t make me feel implicated,’ it’s probably a sign of some degeneracy.

Consciousness that so many right-wing culture war flashpoints are bigoted trash, and easily exposed as such.

McConnell characterizing voting rights as a means of grabbing power to do more cancel culture was inevitable, but it needs a culture war answer. Me in March vs him now.

“…the current Justice Department is, for now at least, functioning as an obstacle.”

They reauthorized it in a vain attempt to solve an immediate political problem, and when that failed they couldn’t do backsies fast enough.


Good morning. The president admitted that the North Star of his coronavirus response is keeping the number of confirmed cases artificially low by not testing people and I don't think a single major media outlet treated it as a story unto itself.

About 20,000 Americans become infected with COVID-19 each day and another 1,000 die. Those numbers would likely fall fast and far if Trump simply wore a mask in public and told others to do the same. He refuses. For some reason this isn't a political scandal.

Quietly contemplating the fact that a woman who accuses the president of rape says she has DNA evidence to corroborate the allegation, and the president, who denies it, has enlisted DOJ to help him avoid providing the DNA evidence that, if he weren’t lying, would exonerate him.

Schiff stunned the room just now when he informed senators that JUST TODAY, as Trump’s lawyers argue in the Senate the House should’ve gone to court to enforce subpoenas, DOJ lawyers argued in COURT that judges have no place to enforce subpoenas because of the impeachment power.

The vote was 54-35, 11 senators, almost all Republicans, skipped town. Change the rules.

The entire Republican Party was in a blind panic for an hour and Democrats’ first instinct was to be like “jk! we would never hurt you.”

Wait, did the doctor blow a coverup???

Conservatives will pretend “unity” means Democrats have to let them keep ill-gotten gains, leave saboteurs in positions of power, but nobody has to pretend to believe them.