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Dems want to ignore the sleaze (that happens to be about immigration) so the media shifts more focus back to abortion (or, I guess, property insurance in Florida). In fact, media will still cover the DeSantis thing, only with his propaganda unrebutted.

Crist seems to think he can ignore the national environment and win on property insurance; other Dems have similar ideas. Local is fine as far as it goes. But it’s no substitute for an information ecosystem overrun nationwide with stories about GOP depravity.

On vacation all week and apparently not a moment too soon.

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RT @EWErickson : They aren't "Ukrainian-occupied territories." They are Ukrainian territories. Is CPAC getting under-the-table funding fro…

Haul her before Congress, make her supply all documentation and tell the whole sordid story.

The same moral corruption since 2016.

Seems like the kind of thing other Dems might want to mention, even if they might have to use a slightly defter touch than I do.


Donald Trump invited a cabal of online fascists, conspiracy theorists, and Nazi coddling thugs to the White House today to threaten and intimidate the professional reporters he intends to replace.

So, what he’s saying–hear me out–is that not standing up during a ceremonial event is one way to protest something unrelated to the event...

Someone with Biden’s ear please tell him he’s about 4 months away from going down in history as the president who lost democracy without throwing even a half-hearted punch.

The entire Republican Party was in a blind panic for an hour and Democrats’ first instinct was to be like “jk! we would never hurt you.”

I really would like a blue state to do the Texas-style-abortion-ban-but-for-guns thing, with an open stipulation that the purpose isn’t to ban guns but to delegitimize the Supreme Court.

Wait, did the doctor blow a coverup???

Hilarious that this all started because Paul Ryan refused to hold a vote on the unanimously passed Senate CR while he was still Speaker, then gave up the gavel and skipped town, leaving everyone else behind to clean up his mess. What a wonk, what a boy scout.