Borzou Daragahi ??

Borzou Daragahi ??

International Correspondent for @Independent covering Middle East, Europe, & North Africa. Senior Fellow at @ACScowcroft. DM me ideas.

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Agha-Mohammad Mohammadi and his family fled Kabul 4 weeks and just arrived in Istanbul today, and are living on the streets. “We were scared. When the Taliban was last in power they killed much of our family.” They are trying to join his sister’s family in Germany

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Among the most dire threats to AUKUS, a menace to all three countries, is Rupert Murdoch's media empire, which has wrought havoc across the anglophone world

Russia and China call for urgent embrace of Taliban despite west’s misgivings

‘Enyart read aloud obituaries of AIDS victims to his cable television show while blasting Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”.’

You may think you're clever, but like with drones, mercenaries, cyber-warfare and other politically cheap, low-sacrifice warfare tools, AI-assisted killer robots or whatever will be reverse engineered and used on the battlefields against you...and soon

Every single battlefield innovation of this type can be used by your enemy. So don't be shocked the day an Israeli general is gunned down by a "killer robot" on the outskirts of Haifa.

Far-right extremist official boasts of using guns, explosives and chainsaws to further political aims, vows to use his truck to “round up” minorities who may be undocumented

Taliban dashes illusions of moderation on Afghanistan women’s rights as regional powers cynically help extremist group consolidate its grip My piece

Iranians bought all-time record of 911 homes in Turkey and have purchased 4,600 housing units in Turkey since start of year, which is a 21% rise compared to the same period in 2020, and a 47% increase compared to 2019


Stunning video shows explosions just minutes ago at Beirut port

Hurricane that Trump ignores while playing golf knocks down his shoddily built border wall

Turkish social media was heartbroken over the viral photo of a Syrian refugee shoeshine boy staring in from the outside of a southeast Turkey gym (left). So the gym gave the 12-year-old Muhammad Hussein a free lifetime membership. (right, DHA photo)

Nurse blows up the lie that wearing surgical masks impedes oxygen intake or increases CO2 intake

“I have a breathing problem!” unhinged but physically fit Karen screams at top of her lungs as she’s escorted out of a Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles for refusing to wear a mask

The woman narrating this video perfectly poetically captures the moment. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ to Lebanon ??