Loire / Nantes

Wondering how deep Europe's drought is? Here's the Loire river today, east of Nantes, via @Desomag 

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Loire / Nantes

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In our Budget Q&A, James asks: "Who do the education fees reduction apply to? Is it just those receiving SUSI grants? Is it just for undergraduate degrees or does it apply to postgraduate courses too?" Submit your questions via the link below.

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From reminding potty-training toddlers to go to the loo to telling bedtime stories and being used as a “conversation partner”, voice-activated smart devices are being used to help rear children almost from the day they are born.

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As we stare in horror at #Ian  on this dark day, remember 2 things 1) the sea level at Tampa starts a foot higher than during the last great hurricane of 1921, and 2) warm air holds more water vapor than cold, making rainfall records likely. The climate crisis sets the stage