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The economy is increasingly bad. Thus, Democrats want to talk about Great Replacement Theory (and secondarily abortion, although not in enough detail they get asked to defend their position). It's that simple.

"From progressive to orthodox." Yeah, I'm sure there were tons of frum people there. Or alternatively, nah.

This week, the entire legacy media accused the GOP of backing anti-Semitic conspiracism. Also this week, the up-and-coming progressive wing of the Democratic Party pushed a resolution to declare Israel's establishment a "nakba," a "disaster." GFY.

The Palestinian refugee issue exists because the Arab states refused to recognize literally any partition plan at any time, then kept them in refugee camps. It is that simple. 850,000 Jews were expelled from Arab countries during the same time period; all were absorbed by Israel.

She should have paid him for procreative services, not creative services

Powell last year: Inflation is transitory. Powell this year: Nah. Powell a few months ago: Recession is highly unlikely. Powell now: Well...

We're having another Backstage Live at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium on June 29th. It's been a huge year thus far...and we have some surprises in store ;) Tickets are limited, so get them while you can:

That amount of money for a settlement of this sort is absolutely de minimis, and everyone who understands corporate law knows this.

In other words, when you sue one of the most valuable people on earth and get a settlement of $250,000, that's nearly always just the guy getting rid of something he considers a nuisance, not an admission of guilt.


Facts don't care about your feelings.

The fact that everyone on the Left is going absolutely nuts about Elon Musk demonstrates three things: 1. Twitter is a Left-wing site; 2. The Left is filled with censorious jackasses; 3. They like oligarchy when they're the oligarchs.

The enormous increase in minors suddenly identifying as non-gender-conforming or transgender has nothing to do with actual gender dysphoria, which is a diagnosable and rare condition, and everything to do with social contagion and Munchausen by proxy.

49 Senate Democrats just voted to ban all protections of the unborn until the point of birth. That is the true headline here.

I'm sorry the Constitution is happening to you.

Trump just got Biden to say he wants to end the oil industry. Wild.

Nobody targeting Joe Rogan right now gives two damns about anything he's said in the past. This is all just an opportunity for activists to destroy a guy who doesn't carry water for those with institutional power, and whose audience dwarfs their own. It is that simple.

I literally have no idea who won this debate. I just know we all lost.

There is little question that this leak is designed to create threat to the life and limb of any justice who signs onto the majority opinion. Prosecution to the full extent of the law.