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Presenter, Today & Political Thinking, BBC Radio 4. Former BBC/ITV Political Editor. Author, Election Notebook & Live from Downing Street

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After 100 days of reflection @Liztruss  concludes that her mistake was to underestimate the power of economic orthodoxy. Another way of putting this is she gambled on defying the advice of the Treasury, OBR, IMF & the wisdom of the markets & Britain lost.

I should say that I managed to find an Uber & 3 people to share it. This is not a personal whinge. I’m lucky but I am embarrassed that this is the welcome people get on landing in the country

I wonder whether @GavinWilliamson ’s obsessive interest in the personal, sexual & financial peccadillos of his colleagues & willingness to deploy that info has anything to do with the fact that @RishiSunak  - like all recent Tory leaders - hired him & is now sad he’s left the govt

Sad news. A true great. David Butler was the grand daddy of all election poll watchers, analysts, academics & pundits

Why does @bphillipsonMP ⁩ hate the phrase Red Wall? Born, brought up in & now representing the North East Labour’s Shadow Education Sec talks to Political Thinking about life, books, being an extra on Byker Grove, education, crime, Brexit & more 🎧

She wanted a “Spinal Tap” govt with the volume turned up to 11 her speechwriter tells “Liz Truss's Big Gamble, the inside story of the UK's shortest-ever premiership”. Why did no-one stop her ? Listen tonight at 8 pm on @BBCRadio4  & @BBCSounds 

There’s much more than this if you listen to the whole programme John !

Listen to my half hour conversation with @UniteSharon  about the “bad tribute act” of leaders; how she negotiated a rise in her pocket money; led a walk out from her 1st job as a waitress; uses leverage to fight for workers rights; the NHS pay dispute🎧

Report of the independent adviser on ministerial standards handed @RishiSunak  a loaded revolver by criticising Zahawi for failing to be open with officials & misleading the public over the enquiry into his tax affairs.


Thought for the day : Those you disagree with aren’t enemies or traitors. They don’t deserve to be “knifed or lynched or hanged”. They are just people you disagree with. Those who report news you don’t like aren’t fake or frauds or enemies of the people. They are just reporters.

Now clear why Boris kept off air this week. Leave's promises - to get back £350m, to slash immigration & to have cake & eat it - all binned

Trump’s attack on ’s Jim Acosta is an attack on the right of all journalists everywhere to ask tough questions of people in power. That’s our job

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Was pleased to secure an in-depth interview with @trussliz  on BBC1. I am disappointed & frustrated it’s been cancelled

Can anyone explain why it makes sense for No 10 to allow a story to run that the “triple lock” is under threat then allow @JamesCleverly  to use the same script this morning & then, finally, for @trussliz  to say it will be protected after all ?

Isn’t the real story about @BorisJohnson  today that he still doesn’t have 100 MPs prepared to say publicly that they support him; he didn’t get get the endorsement of the Conservative papers & he hasn’t got the support of old allies like Charles Moore & @DavidGHFrost ?

Not long ago @jeremycorbyn  faced a crisis trapped between Remainers & Leavers and was shunned by other opposition parties. Now he’s able to stand up for democracy, work with a cross-party alliance & appear statesmanlike. Is that what people mean by No 10’s new strategic genius?

This is the Bank of England’s answer to ministers’ claims that the war in Ukraine or global interest rate rises are the key to the UK’s economic crisis : “The five largest daily moves in the 30 year inflation-linked gilt have all been since the (mini-Budget on) 23 September.”

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WANTED: For small country heading in unknown direction at dangerous time LEADERSHIP Applicants need to be available to start immediately

I can’t remember seeing a poll as clear as this. The public heard the PM’s explanation. They heard Dominic Cummings. A very clear majority simply aren’t buying it @DailyMailUK ⁩

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