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The Chinese company delivered more than twice as many electric vehicles in November as it did a year ago.

A survey showed that Chinese factory activity accelerated at the fastest pace in a decade last month, spurring a rally in Asian stocks.

Regional casinos were poised to continue their recovery from the pandemic but cases are rising again, leading to new restrictions. Investors, however, are looking to a post-vaccine world.

The international organization sees the world economy growing 4.2% next year after falling by a similar amount in 2020.

Oil prices ticked higher early on Tuesday, after a crunch OPEC meeting over production quotas was reportedly postponed as the group struggled to reach a consensus.

Americans will soon find out who gets the coronavirus vaccine first, and when, Bitcoin tops 2017 record, Super Nintendo World to open in February, and other news to start your day.

Investors who remain concerned about the near-term impact of the pandemic are making a mistake, according to Wells Fargo analyst Jon Tower.

Here’s what you need to know about the impact of Covid-19 to navigate the markets today.


1. Direct payments: $1,200 per taxpayer with income up to $75,000, with a phaseout beginning at that income level and ending at $99,000. Families will also receive $500 per child. Payments will be issued by the Treasury Department through direct deposit and physical checks.

The coronavirus crisis will eventually pass. But life on the other side will look different than it did before. Here are some ways Covid-19 could change companies, governments—and you:

An increasing income and wealth disparity among Americans has been simmering for decades, a widening gap that could have long-term economic implications and threaten the market’s recovery.

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2. A big extension of unemployment benefits: Jobless claims will be available longer and benefits will be improved for four months. Unemployment benefits will also be available to furloughed workers, freelancers, and so-called gig-economy workers like Uber drivers.

The U.S. middle class now makes up roughly 50% of the population, putting the nation closer to countries like Russia and Turkey, rather than Japan, France, or Germany, where the middle class makes up more than 60% of the population.

On its face, income and wealth inequality is a natural byproduct of a capitalist system. But when inequality gets exaggerated, it has broad repercussions—and by multiple metrics, wealth inequality has made the U.S. an outlier among developed nations.

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New York City’s battle with coronavirus--and the financial implications of such--is emblematic of the one that many states and cities across the country soon will be facing as unemployment surges and tax revenues drop.

Also included is language that effectively restricts the Trump family’s business—and the businesses of his family members and other senior members of government—from receiving aid from this fund.