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Fernandes goal shades of Roy Keane v Juventus. A classic Leadership Header

Todd Murphy now has more Test runs in India over the last three years than Virat Kohli. Just digest that fact for a moment

The BBC being bullied/lectured on probity by a minister who has already been forced to resign once, really quite recently, for breaching the code. Desperate stuff

I reckon Jake Humphrey would do it. “You say picket line. I say blue sky opportunity. The only barriers are the ones we hide behind Alan.”

@Shanice_OM  @tomdaviesE17Then  you’re going to see nazis everywhere. Why the obsession? Why don’t you compare everything to Rwandan genocide instead? Or stalins purges? Or is there something particular exciting about nazi germany that is being expressed here?

@Simon_Burnton  @Shanice_OMI  @tomdaviesE17  agree it is a legitimate thing to think about and discuss. What i don't get it the unflinching insistence that it must be done, on things like twitter, all the time. Would you bang on about the slave trade constantly if some people said they found this painful? i'd hope not

and yes, if you have taken one side of this argument, this is a statement that will annoy you because it is necessary to have View X on Topic Y. But still very odd how objects in the mirror can appear closer than those you don't actually want to think about

One solution would be to elect the host of match of the day on a manifesto for a fixed five year term

Haaland completes the perfect hat-trick


Don't get the beer outrage at all. Qatar is an Islamic country, alcohol is prohibited, seems fine. Having a beer is not a human right

Mourinho has lost 13 of his last 31 games as a manager. Good job he's a pretty easy-going chilled sort of bloke or that might start to sting

Oh no. Middlesex chairman has just done the "black people don't like cricket, they like football" thing in front of DCMS. Unchallenged. Followed it up with "asian people are too interested in academia". Literally saying this right now live in front of the entire world

“Despicable” = playing amateur football the same weekend there was a test match going on in front of 40,000 spectators. These people are insane

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Charles gets the Markle job. Same old names always in the frame. Would have given it to Dyche myself or the Cowley brothers at Lincoln

Consolation for Messi, a great day for his second job as Saudi tourism ambassador

Ronaldo will score the only goal with a late penalty and do wild ab-rippling ear-cupping celebrations like he's just killed a crocodile with his bare hands while inventing nuclear fisson. Just fwd to that bit