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Sweeping police reform laws begin taking effect in Maryland this week. Some of the first changes concern the visibility of misconduct complaints and who investigates deaths.

Above Penn Station's busy first floor, spaces that haven't been used for decades showcase the potential of the Baltimore landmark, which just turned 100.

An extension of a storage facility is planned on one of the last undeveloped pieces of land from a key War of 1812 battle. Backed by state and federal agencies, community groups want a more thorough investigation of whether remains are buried there.

Starting today, all Giant Food locations with pharmacies are offering COVID-19 booster shots.

Assemble compiled data from numerous sources to show how lack of pay equity negatively impacts individuals and society at large.


BREAKING: Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh is sentenced to 3 years in prison, followed by 3 years probation after pleading guilty to conspiracy and tax evasion.

The oldest African-American owned and operated nursing home in the state has had no infections from coronavirus among its residents and employees, @DanRodricks  writes, because its director took immediate action.

Congenital anosmia, the chronic inability to smell, is a rare condition — approximately 1 in 10,000 people had it according to 2016 figures. But now, millions more have lost their sense of smell due to COVID-19. Many haven't regained all of it.

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BTS wins four Billboard Music Awards honors and gives debut ‘Butter’ performance

The chief of the critical care division at Mercy Medical Center, who treated patients battling COVID-19, has died of the disease.

The Maryland Democratic Party has called on U.S. Rep. Andy Harris to immediately resign, saying that he and other Republican members of Congress were complicit in the occupation of the U.S. Capitol.

- One woman was killed and six others are in serious condition. Officials say they are continuing to search the debris. - Some residents reported feeling the blast several miles away. Neighbors reported having their windows blown out and doors blasted off the hinges.

NEW: Towson University will close its campus for in-person classes after a significant number of students test positive for COVID-19 just before students returned to classes Monday.