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Tourism industries suffer amid coronavirus outbreak: 'China is a critically important market'

For subscribers: Three Valley places of worship — a church, a mosque and a synagogue — agreed to speak with The Arizona Republic about their safety, fears and hope for the future.

Multiple federal agencies will join California officials in trying to determine why a helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant and four other people slammed into a hillside near Malibu, killing everyone aboard.

VFW calls on Trump to apologize for 'misguided remarks' on brain injuries in Iran missile attack

Kobe Bryant's body, 8 others recovered from crash site as NTSB probes for clues.

A magnitude 7.7 earthquake brought down a wall of bottles at a grocery story on Grand Cayman.


VIDEO: Arizona teachers marched on the state capitol to protest low wages

VIDEO: Body-cam footage shows Tucson officer pushing 86-year-old woman to the ground at immigration protest

Schools finish game stopped after Native American racial taunts, but concerns over cultural sensitivity remain.

EDITORIAL: Trump made it clear that he's not just OK with institutional racism, it's his goal. via @azcopinions 

Trump protest happening now at Camelback and 24th street in Phoenix.

VIDEO: Jamie Lee Curtis responds to Fox News' attempt to shame her for Laurie Strode's gun use in the latest "Halloween" film

#BREAKING Sen. Jeff Flake says he will not seek re-election in 2018, citing the nastiness of Trump-era GOP politics

Alfred K. Newman, one of the last of the Navajo Code Talkers, has died in New Mexico at age 94.

The internet fell in love with woman who burned #Suns ' owner at a #Phoenix  council meeting. #NBA