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This amazing cafe hires people with intellectual disabilities.

“We should always strive to be the best person we can be” - @TeamRubicon  volunteer Made in partnership with @MountainDew 

It's official: Senator Kamala Harris is Biden's pick for VP.

These organizations empower everyday citizens to organize, take action and bring relief to frontline workers. All from the safety of their homes. Made in partnership with @SlackHQ 

Larry David and Jon Hamm have a brilliant plan to save the U.S. Post Office so everyone can vote safely in this election. Don't miss out... watch #VOMO : Vote or Miss Out tomorrow at 10|9c on @ABCNetwork . US@WhenWeAllVote 

This nurse noticed there was only one kind of bandage for all her patients, so she decided to change that.

President @BarackObama  has enjoyed your viral videos in 2020. Now he's returning the favor. Register at .

Myth: Washing dishes by hand uses less water than a dishwasher. Fact: Washing dishes by hand uses MORE water than a dishwasher. #RethinkTheSink  Made in partnership with @MyCascade 

October 15th is #GlobalHandwashingDay  ✋ (Remember to wash your hands, masks, and clothes on a regular basis, not just today) Made in partnership with @tide 

@Schwarzenegger  has an amazing message for his commenters.


President @BarackObama  doesn't have time for these 7 excuses not to vote.

"71% of our elected officials are men. And they don't know sh*t about birth control." -- @sophiabush 

This is what conversion "therapy" can do to LGBTQ+ youth. - @connorfranta 

It's amazing what happens when boys are actually taught to respect women.

Watch President@BarackObama  make an excellent point about call-out culture.

These are the victims of the Florida high school shooting. We should remember their names and faces.

EXCLUSIVE: The Black Eyed Peas@bep ) decided the world needs “Where’s the Love?” again. #WHERESTHELOVE 

Members of the UK Parliament just condemned President Trump.

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