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NEW from @igorbobic  @t_golshan  — Mitt Romney and Kyrsten Sinema are teaming up on a bipartisan bill to increase the minimum wage

Josh Hawley’s campaign raked in cash after the Capitol riot by @ArthurDelaneyHP  @PaulBlu 

Private Equity Firm Heartbroken After Realizing There No AOL Employees Left To Fire

Josh Hawley claims media trying to silence him — at event hosted by a major media outlet

Wow - Biden admin says it’ll support a temporary waiver on patents and IP protections on COVID-19 vaccines by @danielmarans 

NEW — @SenWarren  talks to @PoliticoKevin  about why she thinks the GOP isn’t really breaking up with big business. Also says she has little interest in working with any GOP senator who backed the election lies on Jan. 6

Biden asked whether enhanced unemployment benefits affect people returning to work: “No. Nothing measurable.” Read@ArthurDelaneyHP  @jamieson  more on this myth

The GOP has declared war on federal unemployment benefits by @ArthurDelaneyHP  @igorbobic 

News out of Buffalo — giving people free beer if they get vaccinated worked


Stunning pictures of the National Mall set up for inauguration with flags representing Americans who can’t attend in person (via Getty)

Was weird to see Obama at a Georgetown bakery yesterday. Forgot what it’s like for presidents to frequent businesses they don’t own.

Mitch McConnell, the man who blocked Merrick Garland from getting onto the Supreme Court, says Democrats have a strategy of “delay, obstruct and resist.”

National Park Service employee tells me they got an email around 10am ordering flags at half staff. Around 2:30pm, email went out cancelling it and saying flag should go back to regular order. And around 5:30, another one went out saying to lower again.

I’m sorry — what book of protocol said it was acceptable for you to send Jesse Watters to follow me on vacation and ambush me bc I wrote something critical of you?

Mark Hamill at Biden fundraiser tonight (per pool): "So to paraphrase a princess who is near and dear to my heart: Help us JOE-B-ONE. You’re our only hope."

Trump has now spent $151.5 million in taxpayer money so that he can golf as president by @svdate