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What a fight. Close one. No chance it was 30-27 MP. 29-28 I can live with. The streak continues 🫤

At this point I can’t honestly think of one good reason why every fighter on the planet, but in particular the ones fighting with so much at stake, wouldn’t want open scoring.

@Benaskren  Yeah but at least you know you’re in the process of getting screwed. No one ever said open scoring will fix bad judging but you guys deserve to know where you stand with so much on the line

@ALIAQUINTA  Wow first time Ragin Al and I disagree. Still love ya. Also the vast majority of the people I’ve asked in the game are all very much in favor, fwiw

@Jon_Anik  I get it. I just feel, at the end of the day, the fighters deserve to know where they stand. There’s also the drawback of thinking you won a round, seeing the score flash, getting mad and losing your composure. But I want them to have has much info as possible. Least they can get

Sure but that will take years of education. Open scoring is a bridge to holding these judges accountable

@Jon_Anik  These judges are never held accountable. There will be a greater desire to improve judging if it happens in real time, imo. Ultimately the goal is better judging but this can be a bridge to that

@aaronbronsteter  @Jon_AnikI  didn’t start stumping for open scoring last night. We can slice this particular ex million ways. If Holly knew 2 judges scored the third against her maybe she tries to do something different. Who knows. Again, open scoring won’t make judging better. They just deserve to know.

this is because of that ratio tweet last night eh?


Negotiations for Usman vs. Masvidal are done, per sources. All sides agreed to terms. Usman is en route to LV; Masvidal landed earlier. Once at the hotel, they’ll have to take a COVID test and then quarantine while awaiting results. If negative, they’ll fly to AD likely tomorrow.

Ok. Wrap it up. This is the KO of the year. HOLY SMOKES.

Charles Oliveira submits Justin Gaethje via RNC in the first! WOOOOOOOW. GIVE THAT MAN HIS DAMN BELT.

A gunman opened fire in a Houston restaurant last night. 40-50 ppl were inside, per reports. 3 men immediately took the gunman down, subdued him and took his gun away. No one was injured. One of those heroes? KEVIN HOLLAND, I’m told. He did it again.

Happy birthday, Kobe Bean Bryant. Still doesn’t feel real ...

Conor McGregor vs. Donald Cerrone is on for Jan. 18, per @bokamotoESPN . McGregor signed his bout agreement today, I’m told. He’s back.

Charles wishes he had this guy manning the scale. Look at that speed!