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Can I offer you a clip of Chael P using a fax machine and then singing/butchering Urijah Faber’s entrance song? Ok great.

A fax machine *reference, that is. Anyway! New episode of Ariel & The Bad Guy is up! It’s 2021 Bold Prediction time!

If @Jon_Anik  can slip in a “Down Goes XXX” on Sat in honor of the return of combat sports on ABC, that‘s be much appreciated. I feel like he can do it. What a rich history of boxing on ABC (dates back to 1949!). Still find it to be super cool that MMA is finally on the network.

Of course. Just wanted to put it in the air just in case. Well deserved honor for you guys. From EliteXC cageside to ABC!

I have no idea how to play Among Us but my kids thing I’m super cool for mentioning it in an interview so I feel good about things! Thanks, @BlessedMMA .

Much love to the brilliant @Chicagonzo708  for the slick promo!

The UFC on ABC weigh-ins happened in the wee hours of the morning in the US, so @bokamotoESPN  and I are here to recap ‘em and look ahead to the first UFC event of 2021. Enjoy:


Here is the video of Conor McGregor announcing his plans for 2020, which begin with his return fight on Jan. 18 in Las Vegas. (? RT Sport)

Negotiations for Usman vs. Masvidal are done, per sources. All sides agreed to terms. Usman is en route to LV; Masvidal landed earlier. Once at the hotel, they’ll have to take a COVID test and then quarantine while awaiting results. If negative, they’ll fly to AD likely tomorrow.

Ok. Wrap it up. This is the KO of the year. HOLY SMOKES.

This video of Buddy McGirt urging Maxim Dadashev to stop fighting was hard to watch Friday, it’s even harder now. Heart-breaking.

Happy birthday, Kobe Bean Bryant. Still doesn’t feel real ...

Trump just turned around to acknowledge the crowd and was met with noticeable cheers and very little boos.