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Yellen says on CBS that regulators are aware that many small businesses are SVB depositors, adds, "Of course this is a significant concern" and that regulators are working to address that.

Yellen to CBS: "The American banking system is really safe and well capitalized. It’s resilient."

Yellen to CBS: "Americans need to feel confident that the banking system is safe and sound, that it can meet the credit needs of households and businesses, that depositors don’t have to worry about losing access to their money.”

Yellen Says Regulators at Work to Contain Fallout From Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

Regulators Close Second Bank and Move to Protect Deposits w/ @jeannasmialek 

Biden: "No losses will be borne by the taxpayers, let me repeat that."

Biden: "The management of these banks will be fired." Adds: "Investors in the banks will not be protected."

Biden blames Trump for scaling back bank regulations: "Unfortunately, the last administration rolled back some of these requirements."

Was This a Bailout? Skeptics Descend on Silicon Valley Bank Response. “Crises don’t just happen — they’re not like the Immaculate Conception.” w/ @jeannasmialek 

Ron DeSantis Says Protecting Ukraine Is Not a Key U.S. Interest


I.R.S. Routinely Audited Obama and Biden, Raising Questions Over Delays for Trump w/ @charlie_savage ⁩

Republican senators send letter to Sec. Mnuchin asking him to unilaterally cut taxes for the rich

WORLD BANK: "Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and hostilities against the people of Ukraine, the World Bank Group has stopped all its programs in Russia and Belarus with immediate effect.”

Pelosi on Trump's Dingell comments: "What the president misunderstands is that cruelty is not wit," she said. "It's not funny at all, it's very sad."

Biden’s team delayed his Middle East trip so the 79 year old president would have more time to rest after last month’s Europe/NATO meetings via @peterbakernyt ⁩

So much for that grand bargain. Democrats double down on Trump's taxes to put tax reform on the ropes.