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Anne Applebaum

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The philosopher Charles Mills has died. Time to re-read his famous essay, The Racial Contract.

According to this, Eastman is not denying that this is real

I spoke to him a few months ago, a tiny part of the conversation is here

Also "it's not a problem because there are bigger problems" means, presumably, that nobody should write about anything except climate change. And yet somehow we manage to talk about other things.

"It's not a problem because it affects the middle-aged/elites" is another way of saying "I don't care about universities, foundations, museums, journalism or culture more broadly." Also ignores the impact on younger people in those institutions, which can be quite profound.

@thomaschattwill  @michelleinbklynAlso : It isn't just academia It isn't just faculty, also students It isn't always formal It's an entire atmosphere, not just "cancellation " which is a stupid word

This is a truly terrible story - and another example of how mob rule, plus illiberal bureaucracies, produces apalling outcomes and crushes debate.

"Victory meant two more years trapped in a hellscape of crazified school board meetings, Trump rallies, My Pillow Guy insanity, Newsmax and Fox News hits, and a caucus run by Kevin McCarthy, a man without any principle beyond the acquisition of power"

Phones sold in Europe by China's Xiaomi Corp have a built-in ability to detect and censor terms such as "Free Tibet", "Long live Taiwan independence" or "democracy movement", Lithuanian government has discovered


Nothing was stopping Barr or McConnell from standing in front of a camera on November 7th, the day the election was called, and congratulating Joe Biden. That's what would have happened after any other election in any other year. Why didn't they do it?

China has reacted to the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy by sending aid. The US has reacted by suspending flights. Who is the superpower?

When conservatives celebrated Trump's election 4 years ago, did they know that in 2020 we would board up shops, prepare for riots and the arrival of militias, game out ways he might steal the election, protest aggressive vote suppression? This is what he has done to America.

And there it is. The European Union's first dictatorship. None of these powers is needed to fight the virus. But they will help distract and deter opposition, especially when it becomes clear that the government has no better plan.

Trump should be impeached and removed before the end of the day

In the Soviet Union, competent bureaucrats were eliminated if their truth-telling embarrassed the Leader. Trump is creating the same kind of dysfunctional loyalty cult in Washington, DC, right before our eyes. And no one is stopping him.

They were looking for Pence, and shouting Pelosi's name. They were carrying weapons. We were minutes away from an even bigger tragedy. And the Republican Senate still can't bring itself to condemn the man who inspired them, incited them, told them they were patriots.

Amazing contrast between the bravery of ordinary Belarusians who protest, week after week, against an election that really was stolen - and the profound cowardice of elite Republicans who cower, hide from the press and refuse to concede after losing an honest election.

The Belarus government has forced down a commercial airplane flying over its territory in order to arrest a passenger - an opposition journalist. This is state-sponsored hijacking.