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Anne Applebaum

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Yet another story Trump violating US national interest, in this case the Navy's internal disciplinary rules, on behalf of personal friends. How many more of these stories are there? From @IgnatiusPost 

The origins of this whole saga lie in Trump's still unexplained relationship with Russia. His inexplicable dislike of Ukraine; his obsession with disproving overwhelming evidence of 2016 meddling; his suspicion of US officials who work on Russia. Where does all this come from?

Polish ruling "Law and Justice" party, a self-described "right-wing" nativist party, has just put a former communist prosecutor on the constitutional court - a man who put dissidents in jail. Final, farcical proof that they are the Polish Communist party's true descendants.

their other candidate to the constitutional court is a woman who has dismissed the country's constitution as "pathological." So much for rule of law.

"As to impeachment itself, the case has been so clearly made you wonder what exactly the Senate will be left doing. How will they hold a lengthy trial with a case this clear?" from @Peggynoonannyc 

of all the bizarre things that Republicans are saying to discredit a legitimate, constitutional process, the phrase "soviet-style show trial" is perhaps the most bizarre. @ccaryl  explains

"Russian intelligence operatives deployed a network of agents to blame Ukraine for its 2016 interference. Starting at least in 2017, the operatives peddled a mixture of now-debunked conspiracy theories along with established facts..."


After this is all over, I never, ever want to hear again about how businessmen would run the government better than politicians.

Trump uses Putin's strategy: "muddy the waters by saying such inaccurate and confusing things with such frequency that the public can't keep track of what's true and what's false. "

Am getting tired of hearing about how "corrupt" Ukraine is. You know which country is corrupt? The United States. We have a president who is using the White House to make money, presidential children who are using their father's prestige to make money.

This is what the leader of the free world does

"The decision is without precedent in modern American history: The president used his public office to direct a massive contract to himself"

another journalist has been murdered, once again for investigating corruption. This is the defining issue of our era.

Macron attacks RT and Sputnik as propaganda organs. Nobody has done this in front of Putin before.

The American ambassador in Germany has just implied that he would like to unseat the current German government