Anne Applebaum

Anne Applebaum

Author of RED FAMINE, GULAG and IRON CURTAIN. Washington Post columnist. Senior Fellow @SAISHopkins and co-director, ARENA

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Those who are disappointed with America are more likely to believe in the fake utopias offered by her enemies

indeed - the same sentiment very much exists today

you don't have to agree with every word of this analysis to find it thought provoking. from @FareedZakaria 

"the new executive order will not protect anyone against anti-Semitism, and it’s not intended to. Its sole aim is to quash the defense—and even the discussion—of Palestinian rights. Its victim will be free speech." From @mashagessen 

Meaning of the UK election: 1. Lying is ok now 2. Marxism is not, after all, due for a revival 3. Brexit is happening

Also: In first-past-the-post systems, third parties never do as well as they ought to do

Lessons for the US: Don't let the Far-Left take over the Democratic party.

Why change, loss and anxiety are fodder for authoritarians. From two of Poland's best writers, @KarolinaWigura  and Jarosław Kuisz of @kultliberalna 


After this is all over, I never, ever want to hear again about how businessmen would run the government better than politicians.

Trump uses Putin's strategy: "muddy the waters by saying such inaccurate and confusing things with such frequency that the public can't keep track of what's true and what's false. "

Am getting tired of hearing about how "corrupt" Ukraine is. You know which country is corrupt? The United States. We have a president who is using the White House to make money, presidential children who are using their father's prestige to make money.

This is what the leader of the free world does

another journalist has been murdered, once again for investigating corruption. This is the defining issue of our era.

"The decision is without precedent in modern American history: The president used his public office to direct a massive contract to himself"

Macron attacks RT and Sputnik as propaganda organs. Nobody has done this in front of Putin before.

The American ambassador in Germany has just implied that he would like to unseat the current German government