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Anne Applebaum

Author of RED FAMINE, GULAG and IRON CURTAIN. Washington Post columnist. Senior Fellow @SAISHopkins and co-director, ARENA

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this is from 2016. but, in a week when a lot of people are worked up about "Catholics," one way or the other, it is worth reposting

Who is most likely to get audited by the IRS? hint: the answer is not "rich people who live in Manhattan"

protesters sentenced to three years in a labor camp in Belarus fore 'resisting security forces'

or yes, to use the formal language: require the identification of the beneficial ownership of any LLC

This reads like the kind of thing the Bolsheviks had to read out loud at their show trials

it's possible to admit error, or to change your mind, without sounding like Bukharin


We suspected this, and here's the proof: Trump is destroying US intelligence agencies. If he gets a second term, there will be nothing left

After this is all over, I never, ever want to hear again about how businessmen would run the government better than politicians.

China has reacted to the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy by sending aid. The US has reacted by suspending flights. Who is the superpower?

And there it is. The European Union's first dictatorship. None of these powers is needed to fight the virus. But they will help distract and deter opposition, especially when it becomes clear that the government has no better plan.

"Olivia Troye, with much more to lose—and with none of the stature of a former member of Congress or a former Marine general—had much more courage than all of them." From @sbg1 

This is what the leader of the free world does

Trump uses Putin's strategy: "muddy the waters by saying such inaccurate and confusing things with such frequency that the public can't keep track of what's true and what's false. "