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Anne Applebaum

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Outside the US, people now assume that the American president is lying. He doesn't just fail to lead, he is an active source of international chaos and disintegration

He is right, of course, that other leaders are taking drastic measures. But there is a question of context: Nobody thinks Macron, Conte, Merkel or Johnson is seeking to abuse this situation for personal or political gain. But Orban already has.

Among other things, the emergency has been used as an excuse to remove funding from opposition political parties. Once again, rules are written to favor Fidesz, the ruling party.

Also: the question of whether the Hungarian parliament is or is not actually sitting in a room somewhere or meeting online is irrelevant. The law says the prime minister can override anything the parliament does or says. The institution is now purely ceremonial.

A "consortium of states" will work together...if only we had something, maybe something like a federal government, to coordinate

America will be saved by its mayors, governors and civil society

“The president lives in a world of wishes and hope.”

"If somebody else had been president...Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Mike Pence, really almost anybody else—the United States would still have been afflicted by the coronavirus. But it would have been better prepared, and better able to respond."


China has reacted to the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy by sending aid. The US has reacted by suspending flights. Who is the superpower?

And there it is. The European Union's first dictatorship. None of these powers is needed to fight the virus. But they will help distract and deter opposition, especially when it becomes clear that the government has no better plan.

After this is all over, I never, ever want to hear again about how businessmen would run the government better than politicians.

Trump uses Putin's strategy: "muddy the waters by saying such inaccurate and confusing things with such frequency that the public can't keep track of what's true and what's false. "

This is what the leader of the free world does

Am getting tired of hearing about how "corrupt" Ukraine is. You know which country is corrupt? The United States. We have a president who is using the White House to make money, presidential children who are using their father's prestige to make money.

"People believed her. There was no run on the banks." A leader tells her nation the truth - including the fact that millions will get this virus - takes sensible measures. Incredible.

Macron attacks RT and Sputnik as propaganda organs. Nobody has done this in front of Putin before.