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"The Coalition cannot get into Government." Antony Green 9.27pm

The SA Liberal seat of Sturt looks gone for all money. 9 per cent swing at this stage wow.

The rout by the Teals tonight is a demonstration of an old political principle. If you leave a gap unattended for long enough, someone will move into it.

Operation a complete success, patient dead. This speech is wild.

Big story of tonight is women - who've been clearing their throats for a few years now - ROARED tonight. Teals rampant. Dai Le in Fowler. Also check out @LindaBurneyMP  and @AnikaWells  ... got huge swings in their seats. Heaps of other examples.

One last thing: What does this election mean for women's numbers in the Reps? Pre-Election: 48 out of 151 Reps seats were held by women - 31.7 %. Now: Probably 59 women - 39%* Could be higher. But even so, it's a nearly 30 per cent increase! *assumptions next Tweet 1/2

Australian women took a good look at the prime ministerial bulldozer... and sent him a John Deere letter. Here's my column on why

Now that I've finished my post-election series, I'm putting the three parts in one thread if you want to read em together. I reckon this election had three main drivers: Women who didn't feel the Morrison Government was listening to them 1/3


It's been a dark day at the ABC, half way through a year that began with colleagues working overtime to aid local communities through the bushfires and then doing the same under straitened circumstances during Covid-19.

It is quite funny that after 15 years of fretting that was some kind of sleeper Labor agent, the Liberal Party has bounced back by recruiting a chap who was the ALP's actual president.

I have legitimately never seen an MP double down like this after being disgraced so badly. And in such a fraught environment. In a one-seat majority. Apart from the conduct issues involved. Just extraordinary.

Everyone you know who works in the arts, sport, large venue hospitality, tourism, travel, events ... they're like farmers in drought or businesses in a fire zone. There are no pictures of their hardship but it's bloody real so be kind.

All these ministerial resignations today mean many staffers have lost their jobs. They work very hard and are often forgotten when these all-in jelly wrestles get under way. I feel for them.

Imagine if Malcolm Turnbull just kept walking all the way to Yarralumla and said to the GG: I’m no longer confident of a majority and I would like to call an election immediately.

I suspect @GladysB  has just won the vote of every woman who has ever worked hard at her job and been forced to put up with some grandstanding egomaniac oxygen-thief dude constantly messing things up.

PM this morning on natural disaster spending: “I know I’ve got critics who say you shouldn't be spending money on helping people during these crises. But we do because we know Australians need it because we know the need is real.” 🧐