Reminder Colin Kaepernick / Sunday

Reminder that Colin Kaepernick repeatedly tried to peacefully tell us every Sunday that we had a major, systemic problem.

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Reminder Colin Kaepernick / Sunday

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#SaintFrancis of Assisi, who saw himself as brother to the sun, the sea and the wind, sowed seeds of peace everywhere, and walked alongside the poor, the abandoned, the infirm, the outcast, the least. Let us follow his example! #FratelliTutti  #SeasonofCreation 

Roger Waters says the media feeds people an idea that Russia & China are evil, and Americans are good. He sees differently. "We are the most evil of all by a factor of at least 10 times. We kill more people. We interfere in more people's elections."

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Queen Margrethe of Denmark puts on a united front with eldest son Crown Prince Christian

📔 DATE FOR YOUR DIARY! 📔 I’m excited to announce that my brand new @BBCRadio2  show will launch on Monday 31st October from 2pm! To scare me even more they've decided my first show will be on Halloween 🎃 ➡️ 2nd picture is how I might dress up on my first day 😂

Unpacking my thoughts on why ex-offenders deserve second chances and why governments need to reform the ways criminal records are checked. Sign @FairChecks ’ petition to help reform the way criminal records are checked: #Fairchecks 

Rolf Harris gravely sick with neck cancer in UK as paedophile can no longer speak

We’re delighted to announce @OwainWynEvans will host the all new Early Breakfast Show launching in January next year, live from Wales! Welcome to the Radio 2 family Owain 🧡

Top CEOs think the economy will take a turn for the worse…and stay there for awhile. My story on a new @KPMG  survey.

Has the mystery of how the moon formed finally been solved?