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The writing and the photos are just stunning. Photographs by Andre D. Wagner Text by Kiese Laymon

This video makes me so fucking sick to my stomach every time I see it

Here’s the thing about protesting in masks. I’ve already said hello to two people who ended up not being who I thought they were.

Pan Pacific Park Los Angeles Everywhere you turn, people are offering you free water and snacks

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Every person at the protest I attended today, and there were thousands, was wearing a mask.

You pissed off at the lady who wrote the books about wizards? Me too. So I just donated to: @TrevorProject 

It would be helpful if every time trump barks “Law & Order” he’d tell us to which season or spinoff he’s referring. Because I have opinions.

Sending you love, Rob. Thank you and god bless you

I’m on an extended break from twitter but am popping back in for just a second to say thank God the Supreme Court blocked Trump from ending DACA, Black Lives Matter and please, please wear a mask. This virus is BAD. Ok I’m back out PS I highly recommend a twitter break❤️❤️

Stay safe and thanks for what you do.


Reminder that Colin Kaepernick repeatedly tried to peacefully tell us every Sunday that we had a major, systemic problem.

Please don’t let #WeLoveYamiche  trend. This is not what Donald Trump wants to see when he checks Twitter. It’s disrespectfulso to him please don’t do it! And the last thing we need is for him to feel disliked and @Yamiche  to feel loved. #WeLoveYamiche 

Oh boy. Just got a message from @mattgaetz  who asked that we do everything possible to not have #MattGaetzIsAQuarantinedTool  become a trending hashtag. I promised we’d do our best. #MattGaetzIsAQuarantinedTool 

Maybe buy your regular amount of groceries and then everyone will be able to have their regular amount of groceries.

This is Ahmaud Arbery. He was 25-years-old. He went jogging. A white man and his son, hunted him down and murdered him. Once again for those in the back, 25-years-old and exercising when two white men hunted him down like an animal and murdered him.

I don’t wear my mask as any type of political statement. I do it mostly because being on a ventilator doesn’t look so fun.

Bobby Ryan. Hockey player. Takes a leave in November to get treatment for alcoholism. Has been sober 100 days. His first game back with the @Senators  was tonight. He scores a hat trick (3 goals). This is him on the bench after his 3rd goal. Just wow.