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To my fellow alcoholics and addicts - I love you.

We all watched cops kill a black man. We all watched protesters get gassed so the president could go grope a bible for a photo op. Trust your eyes.

Oh this man lies every night. It’s his whole job.

Here’s the thing about protesting in masks. I’ve already said hello to two people who ended up not being who I thought they were.

Every person at the protest I attended today, and there were thousands, was wearing a mask.

I’m on an extended break from twitter but am popping back in for just a second to say thank God the Supreme Court blocked Trump from ending DACA, Black Lives Matter and please, please wear a mask. This virus is BAD. Ok I’m back out PS I highly recommend a twitter break❤️❤️

Twitter was created for tonight.

It would be funny to see him dragged out kicking and screaming. It’s the unhinged screaming I really want to see. Ok. The dragging too.

The hatred. The judgement. The anger. About everything. My god. We’ve been inside too long.


Bobby Ryan. Hockey player. Takes a leave in November to get treatment for alcoholism. Has been sober 100 days. His first game back with the @Senators  was tonight. He scores a hat trick (3 goals). This is him on the bench after his 3rd goal. Just wow.

This is Ahmaud Arbery. He was 25-years-old. He went jogging. A white man and his son, hunted him down and murdered him. Once again for those in the back, 25-years-old and exercising when two white men hunted him down like an animal and murdered him.

I’m not joking or trying to be in any way funny here. The single best thing we can do to save our elderly parents and friends is to beg them to turn off Fox News.

It’s a strong word. I know. But I hate him.

Our kids are not Don Jr. and Eric, so today is already a win for all of us. Happy Sunday.

Have you seen this, @PressSec ? It’s really good.

Think about all the Amy Coopers who aren’t caught on tape. Who get away with that behavior. And who are probably, more often than not, the ones the authorities believe.

Why are people using the #WeLoveYamiche  hashtag?? We can’t let it trend and risk upsetting Donald J. Trump, the President of Mar A Lago!!! #WeLoveYamiche