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Andrew Ross Sorkin

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Thrilled and honored to win an EMMY🙌. Much gratitude.🙏

I definitely feel lucky. And I totally recognize -- and feel a bit guilty -- that sitting at a keyboard writing the way I do or working the phones or appearing on camera isn't anything like the kind of hard work that many people have to do generate an income.

TUNE IN at 2:30 pm on @CNBC  my interview with @coinbase  CEO @brian_armstrong  on the FTX fallout across the #crypto  market:

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A lot of folks have been asking if I would still be interviewing @SBF_FTX  at the @nytimes  @dealbook  Summit on Nov 30… The answer is yes. 👇 There are a lot of important questions to be asked and answered. Nothing is off limits. Looking forward to it…

Coming up in a moment. The Interview. @SBF_FTX . Hit this to watch for free from anywhere.

I will be ridiculed for this position: Until airlines start advertising crying babies in first/business class next to someone trying to work or sleep rather than the ads we see of serenity, I can’t support kids up there. I say this as a parent of three!


. @lloydblankfein ⁩, a critic of Trump, said: “For Wall Street, it was lower taxes, less regulation. He was delivering what ‘we’ wanted. We put a clothespin on our nose. We weren’t ignorant of the kind of risks we were taking. We repressed them.”

I've been working on this NYT project for months: Many of the deadliest mass shootings in the US were carried out by killers who used credit cards to buy high-powered weapons+ammunition that they couldn’t otherwise afford. No one was watching.

Last month I wrote an open letter to the CEO of @Walmart  about ending gun violence. I got an email that day from @LEVIS  CEO Chip Bergh that it got him “thinking” about what more could be done. Today, he got 145 CEOs to do this:

My open letter to Walmart's CEO: You, singularly, have a chance to use your role as CEO of the country’s largest retailer to change the way guns are sold in America to prevent massacres like the one in your El Paso store.

The long term impact of $AMC + $GME isn't about what happens to these companies or their stocks. It is about the public, which views the stock market (and economy) as something that is manipulated and not trusted.

Nice going @Google . Advertisement of the year. Hands down. It captured all of our emotions in under 60 seconds. And I 🥲

Why is it that Nebraska businesses are getting 90% of PPP loans approved and NY/NJ businesses, the hardest hit, getting a fraction of that?

Breaking News: Howard Schultz will leave at end of month. End of era. Says he will consider “public service” among options. Speculation will mount about 2020. I’m going on NOW to discuss. Read my story here: