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Jets should have challenged this PI. Barely got him.

Am I still allowed? They’re amazing

Kemba should be embarrassed to take 3 free throws for this.

Here's the deal: You get one all-time Heisman vote, who do you give it to? Tim Tebow? Herschel Walker? Bo Jackson? Vince Young? ... send us your nominees for today's @dpshow  poll.

"We were doing all that stuff in the 1990s in Canada." - Doug Flutie on today's NFL spread offenses @dpshow )

76ers have two potential first team all-defense players in Embiid and Simmons. And Harris, Richardson and Horford all play hard D. Then Matisse Thybul could someday be best defensive player in NBA. This is exciting. Who’s with me.

Btw, Pelicans are 1 game out of having worst record in NBA. Have we talked about them tanking for LaMelo Ball?


Here’s our Halloween Andy Reid Punt, Pass and Kick video. Great job by my daughter Emma.

Did Adam Gase just take smelling salts before a preseason game?

Hard to make Alex Smith mad. But I managed to do it.

"De'Angelo Russell does not fit there whatsoever. They just did not want to see Kevin Durant walk out the door with no compensation. ... They will trade him. It's just a matter of when." - @TheSteinLine  on @dpshow 

My friend matched up this year's NFL first round to characters. Raiders may have to trade up to get the Night King. Have at it. (, an homage to your GOT-NFL draft)

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"If Cleveland did any of their homework they would have known I wasn't a guy who came in every day and watch film. I wasn't a guy who really knew the X's and O's of football." - Johnny Manziel on