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Amnesty Internationa

We defend human rights around the world. No government is beyond scrutiny. No situation is beyond hope. Let's get to work ?

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Social media isn’t all about letting people know what you had for breakfast or how many times a day you have exercised. It also has an incredible mobilizing capacity, which has given a chance to millions of people to have their voices heard. Happy#SocialMediaDay 🙌

North Korea has a problem with skinny jeans. Here's what you need to know 👇

Turkey’s shameful withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention puts millions of women and girls at greater risk of violence. Here are 6 reasons why the Istanbul Convention saves lives 👇

The government of #Eswatini  has launched a full-frontal assault on human rights in response to ongoing pro-democracy protests. Dozens of people have been killed for daring to demand that their government respects human rights, many of them human rights defenders and activists.

We urge authorities in #Eswatini  to end this escalating crackdown, & ensure that people can peacefully exercise their human rights including the right to freely express their opinions without fear of violent retaliation.

One year ago, the National Security Law was passed in Hong Kong. As a result, here are 10 things that are now deemed as threats in Hong Kong: 🪧 Blank placards 🎶 Singing 👩🏽‍🏫 Teachers 📱 Tweeting 🚸 ChildrenPolitical opposition ✍️ Journalists 📖 Reading 🖼️ Museums 🎥 Cinemas

The violence against Tbilisi Pride organizers, activists and journalists was as lamentable as it was predictable. The Georgian authorities are responsible for failing to ensure their safety and their rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

The #PolicingBill  would also enhance stop & search & restrict the right to roam, which disproportionately impact people from racialised & minority groups. This bill is highly likely to further entrenched racism & discrimination in British policing.


As India celebrates its Independence day, Jammu and Kashmir are still under a communications blackout since the 5th of August. Here's everything you need to know.

End police violence and impunity in #Chile .

The continuing crackdown on @AIIndia  over the last two years and the complete freezing of bank accounts is not accidental. This is not the end of Amnesty India's commitment to human rights, we will not be silenced by the attacks of the government.

? Stop killing black people. ? Stop attacking peaceful protesters. ? Stop enabling racism & white supremacy. ? Stop arresting journalists. ? Stop allowing police violence. Just stop.

What are the Occupied Palestinian Territories? What is a settlement? Who says it's illegal? Here's everything you need to know.

Peaceful protest is a human right. Peaceful protest is a human right. Peaceful protest is a human right. #Lekki  #Nigeria  #LekkiProtestP #Lekkitollgate #Lekki Massacre#EndSARStest  tollgate Massacre

Peaceful protest is a human right. Peaceful protest is a human right. Peaceful protest is a human right. Peaceful protest is a human right. Peaceful protest is a human right.

Tortured. Raped. Sold. Rescued? No. This is the real face of the horrific EU deal with #Libya  →

A five-year-old boy was amongst those killed by security forces on 27 March in #Myanmar . Military leaders must be held accountable for these atrocity crimes. The people of Myanmar must be protected.