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All In with Chris Ha

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Former top DOJ official: Hearing made it clear national security interests are 'paramount' to Trump probe.

The ex-CFO of former President Trump's family business will receive a five-month sentence after he pleaded guilty to tax fraud charges stemming from a case involving the company's business dealings.

In the PA senate race, John Fetterman has demonstrated a clear vision of how to run against his GOP opponent Dr. Oz: Paint him as a rich, out-of-touch buffoon, who does not live in nor understand the state he is running to represent.

“We got unmistakable confirmation that this is a detailed and thorough criminal investigation,” says former DOJ official Van Grack on the Mar-a-Lago probe. “The arguments made at the hearing really continue to reinforce the national security issues here.”

Ron DeSantis’ new fraud unit charged twenty Floridians with the crime of voting while being a convicted felon. “This entire display was pretty disgusting and even more so when you consider the context,” says @chrislhayes .


@chrislhayes : “It is an urgent matter of public health, of public safety at this moment for President Donald Trump to resign.” #inners 

Hey @HawleyMO , just circling back to see if you saw the threats to school officials across the country. We made a montage for you in case you didn’t.

@MaxineWaters  on Bill O'Reilly comments: "I am a strong black woman and I cannot be intimidated" #inners 

“We are nearing a failed state in Texas. And it has nothing to do with God, or natural disasters. It has everything to do with the leadership and those in the positions of public trust who have failed us,” says @BetoORourke .

WATCH: @chrislhayes  ends @allinwithchris  with this message: "A war with Iran is madness, and it is strategically and morally a disaster in the making. And don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise." #inners 

@mehdirhasan : “I think it is time in America that we finally have a proper conversation about the F-word. No, not that one—fascism.”

@tanehisicoates  lays out the long list of Trump's actions showing why he "might be a white supremacist" #inners 

.: "They're doing it again. They don't need a secret back channel. They don't need secret messages. Trump colludes with Putin out in the open." #inners 

“I'm finding it hard to hold my rage and my anguish together. We are watching a lack of action by the federal leadership in this country that feels almost criminal. It is depraved indifference at a level I cannot quite articulate,” says @chrislhayes  on Covid-19.