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Among the inventory of items taken from Mar a Lago: “43 Empty folders with CLASSIFIED banners.” 🧐

Graham's press release: "Data shows that the majority of late-term abortions are performed for elective reasons." Those "elective" reasons: not having the money for an abortion by the 1st trimester, not being able to reach a provider by the 1st trimester, abuse, and adolescence.

McConnell on Graham's abortion bill: "I think most of the members of my conference prefer that this will be dealt with at the state level.” Ahem.

Thrilled thrilled thrilled that my friend and new work buddy @jrpsaki  will be joining on set tonight at the top of the hour! Cc @WagnerTonight 

Cannon rejects DoJ's assertion that the 100 classified documents are, in fact, classified. "The Court declines to conduct a...piecemeal analysis of the seized property, based entirely on the Govt's representations about what is contained in a select portion of the property." !!!

My mom's messages are all about the proper amount of lipstick that I am (or am not) wearing. Let's get them together.

Closing out the week strong on @WagnerTonight  -- with @NikkiFried  and @SusanBChurch11  on the Ron DeSantis migrant scheme, @RohdeD  on the Trumpification of the courts + NH Sen@Maggie_Hassan  on her Republican opponent, Gen. Don Bolduc. 9PMMMMMM

Trump valued Mar A Lago at $739 million — the real value is closer to $75 million. He bought his Jupiter golf course for $5 mill — the next year he valued it at $62 million. A markup of 1,100%. Just wow

The Cape Coral/Ft Myers area, slammed by Hurricane Ian today, has grown by *623 percent* in the last 50 years. A staggering example of the ways in which we keep putting more people and more assets in harm's way. Via @washingtonpost 


This secret recording of @SenatorBurr  suggests some in the GOP fully grasped how serious COVID 19 would be, but refused to say so publicly -- putting American lives at risk to maintain allegiance to the Trump WH:

After Brown v Board of Ed, White Mississippians left Jackson, rather than have their children attend school w Black children. Black families were left behind & the tax base necessary for infrastructure improvements + repairs was decimated. This water crisis = the legacy of racism

The fact that my 75 year-old Asian mom has two shots of the Moderna vaccine in her arm makes me want to cry. The fact that my 75 year-old Asian mom no longer feels safe walking down the street by herself also makes me want to cry. #America 

I am absolutely thrilled and honored and generally upside down with excitement to come back home to @MSNBC  to host the 9PM hour, beginning August 16th. LET'S DO THIS

Gina Haspel oversaw interrogation tactics so brutal that CIA personnel at one black site openly wept and requested transfers after torture sessions. Details here:

Just in time for the holidays: the Dept of Agriculture has finalized a process whereby 755,000 Americans will be removed from the federal food stamp program. Secretary Purdue says it's an effort towards "self sufficiency," and is the first step of many to cut food assistance.

I spoke with medical experts about the trauma inflicted on migrant children who are being separated from their parents. One told me, "This is government-sanctioned torture of children." Here's story:

This “female journalist” is very excited!

If Loeffler and Burr are forced to resign, McConnell is going to have to defend seats in GA and NC in an election year that is shaping up to be... fairly treacherous.