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Myanmar is again under a military regime. But people are risking their life to protest against the junta's rule. In the first of a series of @UnreportedWorld  on @C4TheFourcast  @krishgm  talks to the filmmaker and @millerC4  Produced by @NinHodgson  

Scottish Sun: CELTIC Boys Club founder Jim Torbett has been arrested and charged with historic sex abuse claims, we can reveal. The 73-year-old is expected to appear in the dock after he was interviewed by Police Scotland officers on Tuesday morning.

Wild storks hatch in Britain for first time in 600 years via @alextomo 

Indeed. Putting Scottish Sun as the first two words is something of a clue

Prime Minister’s written apology sent this week to the families of the victims of the Ballymurphy Massacre

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There is a Govt pattern here. Big fat loud shouty rhetoric. Zero substance. So Environment Secretary George Eustice announced trebling tree planting to 7000 hectares p a by 2024. And here’s the but...

But - as usual - no other details; no figure how many trees; what kind; where; cost of scheme; how it’ll be funded nor any comparison with how many hectares of woodland had been planted previously. This. - pretty much meaningless.

I don’t know based on that info?

@GreaterGlasgPol  Police Scotland have shown themselves ready and willing to act against such matters in regard to a previous @Channel4News  investigation which led to a conviction

And here’s the report that led to an arrest and conviction. Threats and intimidation at the hands of Rangers' 'fans' via @YouTube 


The fundraising effort by a 99yo is astonishing - but the notion that the NHS has somehow become a charity and that is perfectly ok should make our blood run cold.

This now means that Rangers cheated their way to 14 trophies: they cheated the taxman, they cheated us all.

It has come to this. The Bronx, NYC. Still from Reuters drone.

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The scale of Rangers' cheating: £48m paid to 80 people over 10 years to unfairly win 14 trophies

A court in London was told today that MI5 agents are authorised to commit serious crimes, on British soil, without informing prosecutors, under a secretive MI5 policy...

So the final wash up on all this from ONS stats with CQC NHSEngland and Scotgov input is that Scotland completed vax in elderly care homes by Monday at 98% (not everyone says yes or can be Vax’d).The real English figure is around 80% of all residents as opposed to eligibles.

The governance of Scottish football under Regan and Doncaster is totally exposed by the Supreme Court. The position of both is untenable.

BBC website today running order: 1 royal baby 2 royal baby 3 royal baby 4 royal baby 5 royal baby 6 royal baby 7 humans “threaten 1 million species with extinction”...

Mystery signs have appeared near Coventry. Retweet the sweet bejasus out of this please

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Gordon Brown tells me on @Channel4News  “I think the Americans probably knew there were no weapons of mass destruction “ in Iraq. Gads .....