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So Ukrainian forces continue to push RA from villages NE of Kharkiv. Looks like the battle for Ukraine’s second city is won. Enormously significant. Kherson next perhaps?

Yup - definitively a link between drinking Red Bull and being a moron. Same round my village .

So Russia’s dictator manages to get much of the world and western media to hype his Big Parade at which he said almost nothing of any significance whatever

The Times: Putin’s coal continues to come to Britain. 130,000 tonnes landed at Immingham last month bound for Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station. Pretty easy loophole to close you would have thought?

Am hearing the Govt will now designate the Sperm Whale as an insect, following plans to designate gas as green energy.

UN and Red Cross critical to secret deal to evacuate 53 wounded Ukrainian soldiers to R occupied Ukraine. Around 260 other U fighters also taken out to similar area. Priority is to save life says Kyiv. Plan is to exchange them later as POWs.


I am now free to tell you that yesterday 4631 Russians were arrested yesterday in 64 cities for opposing Putin’s war. Russian charity OVD calculates 13,028 Russians have now been arrested.

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PARTYGATE/CABINET OFFICE - I can now guarantee that there will be developments on here in the coming days regarding the conduct of the Cabinet Office in all this. Watch this space. Thankyou.

UK’s richest MP, Chancellor Sunak continues to refuse to answer questions about his wife’s business interests in Russia.

Since genocide is much talked about at the moment, we might pause and think in Britain today, this being the anniversary of Culloden - part of an official policy to destroy the lives, homes, culture, language, dress and very existence of The Highlands.

SHELL - Q4 profits due out today expected to smash forecasts as domestic gas bills soar. In 2020 Shell did not pay any tax in the UK. It also got nearly £100 million from taxpayers in rebates. Govt has rejected an oil and gas windfall tax.

Ukrainian soldier at checkpoint this morning. “Where you from?” “Britain.” “Britain? Give my love to Boris.” Those anti tank missiles have gone down quite well.

Kharkiv y’day - large missile appeared to be shot down where we were, about 500m from Kharkiv Railway Station. Our team witnessed the missile coming in. This was about an hour or so before the attack on Kramatorsk Railway Station. Team from Al Jazeera also saw it…

The governance of Scottish football under Regan and Doncaster is totally exposed by the Supreme Court. The position of both is untenable.