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Coming up shortly on @GBNEWS  to comment on fallout from the Hancock resignation. From 10 til 10.30am. This morning.

Like to think @GBNEWS  had a little to do with this.

Great figures on @GBNEWS  Andrew Neil show last night. Number one in time slot (again). Three times audience of Sky News. 26% more than BBC News Channel. And we’ve only just begun.

Nissan to invest £1 billion plan this morning, along with its Chinese partner, to build a battery plant to power 100,000 vehicles a year including a new crossover model. The investment will create 6,200 jobs at the Sunderland plant and in British supply chains.

As the UK, which now accounts for under 1% of global CO2 emissions, moves to tell households to rip out their gas heaters, China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam have plans to build more than 600 new coal plants.

As accusations of fascism are bandied about today like confetti by the ignorant, ludicrously devaluing the word of any meaning, a reminder of what real fascism can do. And of its unconscionable evil.

Start ups are fraught and fractious. @GBNEWS  is no exception. But the news channel is finding its feet and has a great future. Watch this space.

This was on US election night. I asked N Farage for evidence of voter fraud. He couldn’t provide any. Nine months later — there still isn’t any.

British government has announced that fully vaccinated travellers from Europe will be able to skip quarantine, but this does not apply to people arriving from France. Good news for me. Excellent excuse not to return thru August. But otherwise ridiculous. BoJo has lost the plot.


IKEA has decided to boycott GB News because of our alleged values. Here are IKEA’s values — a French CEO who is a criminal with a two year suspended jail sentence for spying on staff.

I suspect many folks, when they see this, will be adding Britannia Hotels to the list of businesses they will not be frequenting when this crisis is over.

Isn’t this a remarkable — some might say brazen — re-writing of what actually happened? The first “protective ring” was “advice” in February which said (twice) care homes had nothing to worry about. Then old folks were decanted from hospitals to homes without testing ...

Imagine the twitter storm tonight if this had gone the other way. It would have been of biblical proportions. For some reason it’s not getting much traction on the MSM either. Ho hum.

If Britannia had not ruled the waves there would never have been a Royal Navy strong enough to abolish the slave trade, intercepting 1,600 ships and freeing 150,000 Africans while sustaining major casualties. Guess it’s too late to delete your tweet ...

Boris Johnson four days ago: “Let's be in no doubt about it, the exam results that we've got today are robust, they're good, they're dependable for employers.” Not a single claim in that sentence was true, was it Prime Minister?

After four years of lecturing Britain that it could never countenance anything that might lead to a hard border in Ireland, the European Union, in a desperate response to its own vaccine incompetence, introduces a hard border. Then thinks better of it.