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Yes. Very unconvincing. Unless you want to believe them. If it was such a well-organised conspiracy to seize Capitol Hill why is so chaotic? Why did it fall apart when, much to their surprise, they got inside? Who were the leaders? What we’re the goals? Where was the plan?

And might like to ponder why, if it was a planned insurrection, nobody has been charged with insurrection or treason, though 725 have been charged, of which 70 cases litigated so far, resulting in 31 jail sentences, so far.

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Politically, Boris Johnson’s grimmest night since he became prime minister.

An intensive care doctor says every critically ill coronavirus-infected patient currently being treated at his hospital is unvaccinated. Dr David Hepburn said there are now no vaccinated Covid patients in critical care at Grange University Hospital in Cwmbran, South Wales.

Quite hard to argue that a bring your own booze invitation was a work event rather than a party.

UK economy grew by a much stronger-than-expected 0.9% in November resulting in GDP exceeding its pre-pandemic level for the first time.

Very hard now to find a single senior Tory who really thinks Mr Johnson will fight the next General Election. A perception reinforced by these quotes from @FT  (h/t Sebastian Payne) 1/2

Cabinet minister: “The government is now roughly divided into two camps: those who think he will go now, and those who think he will go later.” Long-time Johnson supporte: “He’s done, it’s over. He’s truly done for,”

Brilliant takedown of Sage modelling. Sage scenarios vs actual: an update via @spectator 


I suspect many folks, when they see this, will be adding Britannia Hotels to the list of businesses they will not be frequenting when this crisis is over.

IKEA has decided to boycott GB News because of our alleged values. Here are IKEA’s values — a French CEO who is a criminal with a two year suspended jail sentence for spying on staff.

Isn’t this a remarkable — some might say brazen — re-writing of what actually happened? The first “protective ring” was “advice” in February which said (twice) care homes had nothing to worry about. Then old folks were decanted from hospitals to homes without testing ...

Imagine the twitter storm tonight if this had gone the other way. It would have been of biblical proportions. For some reason it’s not getting much traction on the MSM either. Ho hum.

Boris Johnson four days ago: “Let's be in no doubt about it, the exam results that we've got today are robust, they're good, they're dependable for employers.” Not a single claim in that sentence was true, was it Prime Minister?

If Britannia had not ruled the waves there would never have been a Royal Navy strong enough to abolish the slave trade, intercepting 1,600 ships and freeing 150,000 Africans while sustaining major casualties. Guess it’s too late to delete your tweet ...

THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT THREAD: US intelligence agencies have told the White House that Chinese government itself does not know the extent of the coronavirus and has no better idea than the rest of the world.