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Important thread (for me!): With heavy heart I announce I will be leaving the BBC. Despite sterling efforts by new DG to come up with other programming opportunities, it could not quite repair damage done when Andrew Neil Show cancelled early summer + Politics Live taken off air

Clear that Messrs Whitty and Valance have been sent on to the public airwaves to prepare ground for further lockdown.

Indeed. Any chance you and your party might move on from the Battle of Bannockburn (1314). I don't think anybody who took part is that is still alive either.

PM says new restrictions likely to be in place for six months, including working from home. There goes Christmas? There goes economic recovery?

In six top battle ground states, Biden's lead over Trump is still >3.5%. Not much change from start of month. No clear narrowing.

As for the future, I’m delighted to announce I have accepted the post of Chairman of GB News, a new news channel to be launched early in the New Year bringing new perspectives to the news. I will also be presenting a new nightly prime-time show on GB News. Watch this space.

What do you make on me on Twitter? Asking for a friend.

Poor wee Femi. Is he still howling in the wind? I muted him weeks ago to block out the din. So much more peaceful.


Scores of celebrities and the rich have arrived in Sicily for a Google conference. They came in 114 private jets and a flotilla of super yachts. The conference is on global warming.

If Britannia had not ruled the waves there would never have been a Royal Navy strong enough to abolish the slave trade, intercepting 1,600 ships and freeing 150,000 Africans while sustaining major casualties. Guess it’s too late to delete your tweet ...

Boris Johnson four days ago: “Let's be in no doubt about it, the exam results that we've got today are robust, they're good, they're dependable for employers.” Not a single claim in that sentence was true, was it Prime Minister?

I suspect many folks, when they see this, will be adding Britannia Hotels to the list of businesses they will not be frequenting when this crisis is over.

Isn’t this a remarkable — some might say brazen — re-writing of what actually happened? The first “protective ring” was “advice” in February which said (twice) care homes had nothing to worry about. Then old folks were decanted from hospitals to homes without testing ...

Imagine the twitter storm tonight if this had gone the other way. It would have been of biblical proportions. For some reason it’s not getting much traction on the MSM either. Ho hum.

When it comes to the EU the British media’s general default position is to treat anything UK government does as a deceit/lie/obfuscation/matter for ridicule, while treating anything out of Brussels as gospel. When did you last see a Barnier-type given a tough interview?

Stop posing as some kind of hippy ice cream play. You’re now wholly owned by a massive global conglomerate called Unilever. Perhaps if it paid the taxes HMRC thinks you should pay we could afford to accommodate many more asylum seekers.