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You think I’ve given all the questions. Then you really are thicker than Jack Thick McThick the year he won the Thickman of the Year competition.

Well, Corbyn interview got 3.2m viewers. So not that "tired". The Tories posted it on Facebook. So not "tired" at all. "Tired" never raised when trying to fix time and date. This "source" is a "pyramid of piffle" PS to source: monologue got 4m+ views. So some voter interest.

US economy added 266,000 jobs in November, showing there's life in it yet, despite global slowdown. Unemployment and labour force participation rates remained steady. Economists had projected the US to add roughly 180,000 jobs in November

UK economy flatlined in 3 months to October — zero growth in GDP over rolling three-month period compared with same timeframe in 2018. Over the single month of October, the economy grew by 0.7 per cent year on year, the weakest growth since March 2012.

Now that’s what the opening titles for an election results show should look like. American broadcasters look on and weep!

Was this when Channel 4 replaced itself with a block of ice?


Scores of celebrities and the rich have arrived in Sicily for a Google conference. They came in 114 private jets and a flotilla of super yachts. The conference is on global warming.

There are not really any negotiations going on. We’re simply waiting on a date, time and venue. As we have for several weeks. So far — not a sausage.

Mr Johnson’s reply on NHS — £34bn extra funding and 40 new hospitals — will not stand fact check scrutiny.

Trump sitting with Putin calls journalists he doesn’t agree with ‘fake news’. You don’t have that problem, he tells Putin. He’s right. Journalists who cross Putin are killed or disappeared or jailed. Disgraceful statement by a US President.

For over a year now, Saturdays in Paris have been marked by demonstration, fire and violence. This from the Place D’Italie quarter this afternoon.

Factually untrue. Read the leaflet the government sent to every household: “we will implement your decision”

Scotland has recorded its worst ever results for science and maths in the PISA international comparison of education systems across the world, with England performing better in every measure.

London overtakes New York to become world’s No 1 city for investments in fintech firms. In the first 8 months of 2019, London attracted 114 investments with a record-breaking value of more than $2bn.