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Names to watch...McMaster. Rosenstein....McCain. This crosses party lines and you all need to be prepared. This isn’t about being pro Trump, or anti Trump. You ALL need to understand that....and you need to be willing to call it out irrespective of party.

Before I left Fox, I was told the agencies...depending on which one..."have someone at every major news outlet." Either on payroll by choice, or not. Makes sense whether you agree or not. It wasn't a surprise to me, but a surprise that someone admitted it to me.

Also...I wanted to dig more into the FBI and Unmasking stories...which I broke.

I’m told that Wray’s investigation has a lot to do with Durham using a bunch more resources...which has him concerned that he can’t toe the line anymore.

The corruption runs deep and through both parties and it ain’t gonna look good when it’s all said and done.

It ain’t about Republican and Democrat really isn’t. People were given the opportunity to do the right thing and some chose wrong. It’s about right versus wrong.

Major issues within the FBI. An agency that I love as you guys know. But major issues. Sides being taken and even amongst former agents, a lot of frustration. Especially outside of headquarters.

Wray should have cut out the cancer and didn’t.

For those who said I've just been putting things out's just factual info. I said the FISA was too close to call and people said "what do you mean?!" SO...McCarthy just asked the Dems to pull the bill bc he’s worried it won’t pass.


There was NSA product being gathered on General Michael Flynn before the Kislyak phone call. That is flat out spying.

I don't think the media understands the 302. The FBI cannot lose an 302...if they admit that...their cases are in jeopardy. That's kinda a big deal. Is anyone asking questions about that? Has someone asked Wray?

I am told...Flynn is the tip of the iceberg...this gets worse. "Adam you are looking at the foyer of a house that is a 20 bedroom mansion"

Ooooooh brother. Massive surveillance...that’s what’s been found. “MASSIVE” is the way it was sent to me.

So let me get this straight...we are letting out child molesters out of jail so they won’t get sick, but putting a hair salon owner in jail for not apologized for being selfish. What the actual F is going on people? This judge should be kicked off the bench for lunacy link on pg2

I'm just gonna say it. I don't think this started in the wet market. People are afraid to say it because they will be painted as conspiracy theorists...but it doesn't add up. The timelines don't match. It may have run through there, but it didn't start there.