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I defend Jimmy G all the time. That int kills us and now Fred is hurt. We should still have the damn ball. Ugh.

That’s BS. Move it an inch.

People it’s simple. I broke the rail theft story and eventually enough people were talking about it online the local media couldn’t ignore. Then the national media followed the locals and the governor had to address.

And…organized gangs are absolutely responsible for much of this train robbery/looting and theft. This is coordinated.

Capitalism isn’t perfect, but it’s the best system. Anyone who argues otherwise has never been to a true communist, socialist…or any other ist ism…you get the idea.


As of last night....The FBI has stonewalled requests by Congressional leaders about the Biden laptop.

Facts. FBI has hard drive and they don’t get subpoenas for empty hard drives. John Paul saw Hunter and has receipts and signatures and full details and they all check out. Hunters lawyers called and asked for them back.

I am still in shock that national reporters are attacking me for just reporting that these are new serious allegations with sworn affidavits and that it should be looked into before December 14th. WTF has happened to my profession?

From an insider not politically connected: The emails in the NY Post story have been verified -- they’re solid. The Vadym Pozharskyi email address has historical data dating back to 2014. Furthermore, it is registered to the address of Burisma.

I don't think the media understands the 302. The FBI cannot lose an 302...if they admit that...their cases are in jeopardy. That's kinda a big deal. Is anyone asking questions about that? Has someone asked Wray?

Meantime…this is modern day train robbery. Modern day LA not far from Union Station…a few days ago. Unfortunately it is happening every day. As soon as the train stops, thieves start opening containers. It is quite well organized. This is the main line.

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Unfreaking don’t have to like the President and that’s our personal decision...but a national reporter at press briefing just asked if the President was happy the south lost the Civil War? That could be the dumbest question in the history of the press briefing.

Insane...truly insane. This guy did what every American should do. Spent nearly 4 months trying to give what he had away to authorities. Didn’t go to press. Didn’t sell it. Yet people attack him and his disability. Freaking sad world we live in.