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Remember the term eye we move forward. Not being cryptic. Just an important term that will be more widely known. example...officially in an email this was being planned and done. Unofficially in a phone call, this is what really happened and many times was the exact opposite.

‘Eyewash’: How the CIA deceives its own workforce about operations - The Washington Post

Barring any curve balls....this week is going to be very interesting.

Waiting for Coach Shanahan to go out with a knee injury. Is it the turf in NY?!

You've been following the wrong people

People are beginning to turn on each we here that Andrew Weissmann when asked if Mueller had let the American people down: "Absolutely, yep." Grab your popcorn.

I just like to give the trolls...a little medicine sometimes. It makes life fun.

You see the Patriot Act was meant to stop it gave government powers some misused. Remember with 9/11 stovepiping is what hurt our intel and the patriot act didn’t do crap to properly address that.

I know this...there's a lot. I've been telling you all without politicization this for 3 years. Consistent. Correct. There is a lot and it goes in different directions and people will initially try and downplay...but they will look bad if they do.


I don't think the media understands the 302. The FBI cannot lose an 302...if they admit that...their cases are in jeopardy. That's kinda a big deal. Is anyone asking questions about that? Has someone asked Wray?

Unfreaking don’t have to like the President and that’s our personal decision...but a national reporter at press briefing just asked if the President was happy the south lost the Civil War? That could be the dumbest question in the history of the press briefing.

Durham and Barr do not want this investigation to be used for political points, which is the way it should be. There are major rumors that there are already indictments. There are some indictments in the pipeline also for sure. The scope of this investigation is huge. Massive.

Math majors...what is the likelihood that more than 10 top Mueller officials all put their phones in airplane mode and then forgot the password and used too many passwords to wipe em out?

I am told...Flynn is the tip of the iceberg...this gets worse. "Adam you are looking at the foyer of a house that is a 20 bedroom mansion"

Names to watch...McMaster. Rosenstein....McCain. This crosses party lines and you all need to be prepared. This isn’t about being pro Trump, or anti Trump. You ALL need to understand that....and you need to be willing to call it out irrespective of party.

Let me correct the mainstream: Clinesmith is not some low level agent. That is complete and purposeful mischaracterization.

REMEMBER: Former FBI general counsel James A. Baker was just hired as deputy general counsel at Twitter. Baker is neck deep in this entire deal, he was Comey's right hand man and knew everything. Baker's transcripts alerted us that Durham was investigating all of this in 2018

Multiple sources: Strzok is working with investigators. He isn’t the only one.

Being told that Peter Strozk is talking with investigators