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Tamil Nadu Deputy CM and AIADMK leader O Panneerselvam: BJP will contest on 5 seats in Lok Sabha elections & we will be contesting together in Tamil Nadu & Puducherry.
Tamil Nadu Deputy CM O Panneerselvam: AIADMK and BJP will have an alliance for Lok Sabha elections which will be a mega and winning alliance.
#UPBudget2019 :#Adityanath govt aims fusion of rural economy and urban infrastructure, says SBI research

Anuj Sharma replaces Rajeev Kumar as new Kolkata Police Commissioner
Mehbooba Mufti on Imran Khan: Pathankot dossier was given to them but no action was taken to punish perpetrators.Time to walk the talk.But Pak PM deserves a chance since he’s recently taken over.Of course the war rhetoric has more to do with impending elections than anything else
#Israel offers unconditional help to India to defend itself, especially against terror: Envoy @AmbRonMalka#PulwamaAttack
Here's how Pakistan's PM Imran Khan responded to India's allegations over Pulwama attack. Here are 6 major takeaways from his message to India.

#India #Pakistan #ImranKhan #Pulwama #PulwamaTerroristAttackTerroristAttack
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We are here to help our close friend India to defend itself especially against terrorism: Israeli envoy to PTI
Israel offers unconditional help. Whatever India needs to defend itself there is "no limit": Israeli envoy to PTI.

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Do you again want to see Narendra Modi as India PM?
Will you again vote for Modi in 2019?
Why No #CBI Probe? Thousands Of Students Protest Against #SSC Paper Leak, Demand Justice #SSCExamScam #SSCCGLSCAM
#Chhattisgarh : Meet Congress minister Kawasi Lakhma who cannot read or write. Governor Anandiben Patel read entire oath for him and he repeated.
क्या 2019 में मोदी फिर से पीएम बनेंगे?
Will Narendra Modi be re-elected as Prime Minister in 2019?
I advise Indian Muslim women not to get married & settled in Pakistan.The women there have no freedom at all.I'm proud being an Indian: Uzma
कैसा लगा प्रधानमंत्री का भाषण? 10 में से कितने नंबर देंगे?
How did you find Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s I-Day speech? How much will you rate it out of 10? #जश्नएआजादी
BREAKING: 2 Jaish terrorists, including a commander gunned down by Indian Army in #Pulwama
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