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Biden could have waited for the Chinese spy balloon to apply for a green card before shooting it down.

AT THE DOORSTEP OF TWO IMMORTALS Left: The house where Swami Vivekananda was born. Right: A little distance away, the house which Mirza Ghalib rented for Rs 6 in 1828: 133 Ramdulal Sarkar Street. History breathes in every bylane of Kolkata. [1]

One Quran or many Qurans? Over which #Quran  do Islamists wage war, take offence from Stockholm to Karachi? Scholars talk of many versions. ~ My piece in @firstpost ⁩

Truly grateful to @arshiaunis  for sending me loads of material and perspective for the piece and for future reading.

I knew my birthday, April 20, is on the same day as Hitler’s. Now I find that it most likely corresponds with Mohammed’s as well. What to say.


They were alive just 24 hours ago. Children, their mothers, aunts, sisters. Locked up and burnt while they were alive and begging to be spared. 12 killed to avenge the death of TMC leader Bhadu Sheikh. A regular day in Mamata’s Bengal. #BirbhumMassacre  [Warning: Disturbing video]

Noor Mustafa Ansari, SDPO, Dumka, Jharkhand. Removed from probe after massive protests. He was allegedly trying to dilute the case against Shahrukh and Naeem by showing Ankita as an adult when she is 17. Protesters say he works for PFI. That’s our police. #JusticeForAnkitaSingh 

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Writer of RRR and filmmaker Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad, talks about Gandhi, Patel and Nehru. Can anybody deny this piece of history?

August 16, 1946. Direct Action Day. Survivor of #DIrectActionDay  and Noakhali riots, Rabindranath Dutta (92) recalls how naked, butchered bodies of H women were hung from hooks at Raja Bazar beef shops. Victoria College girls were raped, killed and bodies tied to hostel windows.

This is the business in which TMC leader Anubrata Mondal is accused of making hundreds, maybe thousands, of crores. This is a normal day at work in his enterprise. #cowsmuggling  #Bengal 

No food, no electricity, no forex reserves…the nation is bankrupt. But 50,000 fanatics came out in Lahore to protest the burning of Quran in Stockholm. That is #Pakistan  for you.

Who is this man speaking so much sense?