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@Retributions  Please show me the part where he actually says he/his fans will uproot the protests. Let’s not presume. Entire anti-CAA, -NRC protests are based on lies and presumptions, funded by shadowy forces. If we are feeling rebellious, this can’t be our cause. You’re sensible, Rohit.

Beyond Modi-Trump XOXO: Trump needs India right now more than India needs Trump. Why we must play hardball with the US President | My piece in @RT_com ⁩ today. #NamasteyTrump  #TrumpInIndia  #GoBackTrump  #IndiaWelcomesTrump 

@NayakParabola  @RT_comIndia’s Jain population is .37% and Parsis are .006%. Politicians still make a beeline to them because of the extraordinary financial clout they wield. Indian-Americans at 1.4% matter, esp their growing financial muscle. Just count the number of Indian CEOs of global giants

Anti-CAA 'peaceful' protesters have had a very long run blocking crucial routes, torching cars, buses, trains and public property, throwing stones, firing, and now killing a cop. Time for a Yogi-style crackdown. They understand no other language. #DelhiPolice  #delhiviolence 

Sri Lankan parliamentary proposes immediate ban on burqa. Many western nations have a similar ban. Should India too ban all kinds of face cover?

We have witnessed a jihadi attack on our democracy last three months. It hid behind our tricolour and sanitised phrases like 'anti-CAA protests'. This is a full-blown riot. A cop has been killed. #DelhiPolice  must quash it mercilessly, using full force of law. #DelhiBurning 

I feel a crackdown is coming. Another 24 hours. #DelhiBurning 

Complete panic among minorities and peaceful protesters. #DelhiBurning  #DelhiViolence 


Modi’s list of doing the politically unthinkable is growing. * OROP * Demonitisation * GST * Section 377 * Surgical strike * Balakot raid * Doklam * Triple talaq * Casteless quota * Article 370, 35A * Chidambaram arrest Strangely, every risk has made him politically stronger.

Plot to kill #AmarnathYatra  pilgrims foiled. Attempt to poison thousands of devotees at Mumbra temple foiled. Every day, our undercover intel operatives quietly save lives without their faces/names flashing in media. I don’t think India thanks men & women in the shadows enough.

“Ma ch** do Bharat sarkar ki gaadi ki.” Watch ‘brave and idealistic revolutionaries’ of #JamiaProtests  handpick central govt vehicles for destruction. #CAAProtests 

Naopara station, South 24 Paraganas. ‘Peaceful’ protestors at work, breaking #WestBengal  image piece by piece. #JihadisBurnBengal  #BengalBurns 

Kapil Mishra requests cops to clear roads for public, else he‘d agitate after Trump visit. * What’s wrong in that? * Why can’t he protest? * Protests are #Jamia  #ShaheenBagh  monopoly? * Fascist to ask cops to act? #ISupportKapilMishra  #ArrestKapilMishra 

A lovely educational video for our liberals and dhimmis. Arfa Khanum of @thewire_in  teaches from Islam's playbook. Use taqiyya or deception till one turns darul-ul-harb into darul-ul-Islam (minority to Islamic rule). Then to hell with 'inclusiveness'. Yay :-) #Shame  #ShaheenBagh