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That’s Amit Shah when CBI under UPA was about to take him in. Watch this, and compare with the #ChidambaramMissing  farce.

2019-2024 may see what 2014-2019 didn’t: Big fish going to jail for the big scams. Modi had warned about it in his election speeches. #ChidambaramMissing 

BJP leader who was caught watching porn in the Karnataka Assembly is now a minister. Good move. He can now raise his voice against the ban on @Pornhub ⁩ and the rest :-)

Amazing. Convincingly peddling a fake video. Born liars.

@ZEisenstein  @RahulEaswarThat’s the power of a massive, peaceful demonstration for a free and diverse democracy. Not a bloody, separatist jihad that kills people, ethnically cleanses groups like Kashmiri Pandits, deprives women, LGBT, Dalits to establish Islamic state. Big difference. #HongKong  #Kashmir 

People and nations should simply demand transparency and accountability from platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Hashtags like #TwitterQuitIndia  are childish and undemocratic.

@UnSubtleDesi  Miracles don’t happen. Check the role of financial agencies, judiciary in this case. Networks can be more powerful than governments.

This has to be the most shocking statement by #SonamKapoor  ever. Still can’t believe my ears. “So when I have the complete information, is when I think I can give an opinion [1:30],” she says on Kashmir. When did lack of information hinder her opinion!


Need organised mass action against , followed by political action after elections. Explain why and certain handles are regularly blocked/shadow-banned. Make algorithms public. Make ‘fact-checkers’ and processes public. Or leave India. #bringbackTrueIndology 

1993 Mumbai 1998 Coimbatore 2001 Parliament attack 2002 Akshardham 2003, 2006 Mumbai trains 2005 Delhi 2006 Varanasi 2007 Samjhauta + Hyderabad 2008 Mumbai 26/11 2016 Uri 2019 Pulwama Hundreds more... Did our Pak lovers say #SayNoToWar  then? Only applies when India strikes back?

Pandit Jasraj, Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan among 907 artistes who want you to vote Modi, launch counter strike against Left-lib intelligentsia —

Shehla Rashid caught spreading lies, Uttarakhand Police quash rumours of Kashmiri students being harassed | ⁦⁩

That image is what Rehana Fathima put up as her Facebook cover. Those toasting her attempt to enter #Sabarimala  should try sending Kurt Westergaard, maker of Prophet cartoons, to a mosque anywhere in the world and see what happens. Selectively kicking Hindus can’t be secularism.

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