Prime Minister Auckland

#BREAKING : New Zealand’s Prime Minister says Auckland will maintain its partial lockdown for another 12 days as officials try to contain the coronavirus outbreak in the city.

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Prime Minister Auckland

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In all, Trump has moved $2.3 million from his presidential campaign to his private businesses by @DanAlexander21 

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NEVER underestimate the silent majority.

A group of Republican senators have introduced a bill that would make it a violation of federal civil rights law for schools to allow transgender females to compete in girls sports.

"Napupuno na po ako." Kapamilya star Liza Soberano said she couldn't just sit back and not speak out over the ABS-CBN shutdown and other social issues.

Former President Obama has urged voters to focus on down-ballot races, arguing that while the presidential race gets the most attention, it is down-ballot races that could have the greatest impact on politically-motivated gerrymandering

Michael Beschloss on President Trump refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election: "You want to go into history to look for something like this? Go into Italian history and look at Mussolini. This is the way dictators come to power."

The proportion of American children who sometimes do not have enough to eat is now as much as 14 times higher than it was last year.

Does anyone else think it's strange that some in the press routinely ignore hundreds of violent protesters... ...then write detailed stories on a few who disrupt a @realDonaldTrump  rally?