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'How do you talk social distancing to people who live with about seven people in a small little shanty?' says @RanaAyyub , after Asia's largest slum, Dharavi, reported its first #coronavirus  death. #Mumbai  @bevvo14  #TheWorld 

Record high as 6.6 million Americans claim unemployment in a week

Coronavirus update: UK death toll nears 3,000 as government faces criticism over low testing rates

Child's skull is the oldest known fossil of the earliest human species

#OPINION: I'm a doctor in a Melbourne emergency department. One fear keeps me up at night

Can Australia force COVID-19-hit cruise ships to leave our waters?

Chinese authorities ban eating cats and dogs

'Virtual coffee date': How dating apps are booming amid coronavirus lockdown

Smokers are at higher risk of coronavirus. Here's what can happen and why

The UK urges new couples to choose: move in, break up or don't touch for months


Twitter employee uses last day at work to deactivate US President Donald Trump's account

'Anger is still brewing': Coronavirus sparks tension between pro-democracy groups and Hong Kong authorities

Dr Dan Suan says everyone should self-isolate at home in order to break person-to-person transmission: "Social isolation is not an act of fear. it's an act of love. The reason you are doing is to protect yourself, your family, your friends and their families."

There's a Christmas comet on its way — and a meteor shower too

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#ICYMI: These school kids managed to recreate #Daraprim 's active ingredient for just $20

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#BREAKING : The WA Government has frozen all household fees and charges including electricity, water, public transport fares and motor vehicle charges.

#BREAKING : Authorities say a man with coronavirus ignored instructions to self-isolate pending test results, instead working several shifts at Hobart's Grand Chancellor Hotel.

Coronavirus prompts 40pc increase in demand for domestic violence services in NSW