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More than 5000 people have now come forward with their stories in response to that post. #abc730 

"I find it incredibly disappointing that you need to have multiple women's voices to be heard before they're taken seriously. " - Dr Briony Scott, Principal, @WenonaSchool  #abc730 

"I think the responsibility of schools is to step up right now and instead of being ashamed of what has happened, realise that change needs to happen. And not be scared to admit that they have failed some of us. " - Bronte Vanderfield#abc730 

A childhood friend of convicted child killer Kathleen Folbigg says she hopes new scientific evidence and a petition signed by 90 expert scientists and doctors will be enough to see her freed from prison. #abc730  @nadiasdaly 

While COVID-19 infections are subsiding in the UK, healthcare workers are expected to feel the effect of the pandemic for a long time to come. #abc730  @samanthahawley  If this story has raised any issues for you, call @LifelineAust  on 13 11 14, or @beyondblue  on 1300 22 46 36

"The Australian landscape is so inspiring and it's a gift for a writer. It inspires me every single day in every single book." - @janeharperautho  #abc730 

"I always thought one day I'd love to write a book... A lot of it was about finding the time and I would get up early in the mornings and do a single hour and get ready and go to work. And I'd come home from work ... sit down at the computer and do one hour. " - @janeharperautho 

An inquiry by the Attorney-General's Department into whether former High Court justice Dyson Heydon faced any complaints of workplace behaviour during his time as the trade union royal commissioner has handed back its report. @latingle  #abc730 

As advocates push for better sexual consent education to be taught to young people, one principal warns schools can't be the only solution. #abc730  @AvaniDias  @RaveenHunjan 


If you’re a grown adult enraged by 16-year-old activist @GretaThunberg , satirist @markhumphries  and his co-writer @evanwilliamsss  have created a new service that could hel #abc730 .

Journalist @jamespomfret  reports from inside Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where anti-government protesters have barricaded themselves in. @leighsales  #HongKong  #abc730 

NSW Police announced today it will not be proceeding with an investigation into an allegation of a historical sexual offence by a serving minister – but others are still calling for an independent inquiry. Here’s chief political correspondent @latingle . #abc730 

“It shouldn't take having children to have a conscience.” - Australian of the Year Grace Tame was asked what she thought of Scott Morrison’s use of the phrase “as a father”, referring to a chat he had with wife Jenny, when he responded to allegations by Brittany Higgins#abc730 

A single person on JobSeeker will receive a little over $300 a week to live on. A politician receives more than $280 per day in travel allowance when they are in Canberra on top of their salary. @leighsales  asks Senator@Anne_Ruston  why that is fair. #abc730 

Greg Mullins is a former NSW fire chief who has just visited firefighters battling blazes in northern California. He has a stark #bushfire  warning for Scott Morrison and his government. #abc730  @zdaniel  #auspol 

@anneconnollyabc  . ask @ScottMorrisonMPs  which of the reports and recommendations from th #AgedCareRCe  his government would take onboard #abc730 .

“Let me be as frank as I can be. Politics has never mattered less to me. Leadership is not about doing what's popular, it's about doing what's right.” - Victorian Premier@DanielAndrewsMP . #abc730  @mjrowland68  #coronavirus  #vicpol  #auspol 

"You are our best hope of stopping #coronavirus . Your individual behaviour is the most important thing to prevent it spreading." - @leighsales  #abc730 

It has been more than 1,000 days since a Sri Lankan couple and their Australian-born children were forcibly removed from their home in a Queensland country town and placed in immigration detention. #abc730