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“There has been a reluctance through national cabinet to have mandatory testing… but it's certainly something which, as health minister here in NSW, we're now looking very closely at so I've asked our lawyers to give us advice on that.” - NSW Health Minister@BradHazzard  #abc730 

"We're very keen to make sure that we have a program that can instill confidence and deliver vaccines safely." - Assoc Prof Christopher Blyth, ATAGI co-chair. #abc730 

"This pandemic messes with us constantly. We feel secure one minute and vulnerable the next. But we've been told since the beginning that the only way out is vaccination. In an uncertain world, that's truer than ever. " - @normanswan  #abc730 

The strangers bringing stranded Australian children in India back home. #abc730  @jason_om 


Since the #BrittanyHiggins  story broke a month ago, @abc730  has invited Prime Minister@ScottMorrisonMP  for an interview more than 13 times. #abc730 

NSW Police announced today it will not be proceeding with an investigation into an allegation of a historical sexual offence by a serving minister – but others are still calling for an independent inquiry. Here’s chief political correspondent @latingle . #abc730 

@leighsales  asks @ScottMorrisonMP : “You've been PM now for nearly 3 years & so Australians have had a chance to observe how you've responded to various things … Doesn’t all that taken together add up to a tendency to blame shift & duck responsibility wherever possible?” #abc730 

@leighsales  asks Treasurer@JoshFrydenberg : “How good does it feel to be a minister in the Morrison Government knowing that no matter what questions arise over your conduct your job’s safe?” #abc730  #auspol 

“The idea that anyone leading a political party could believe that it is ‘God on our side,’ is just the stuff of real danger in my view.” – fmr prime minister @MrKRudd . #abc730  #auspol 

“It shouldn't take having children to have a conscience.” - Australian of the Year Grace Tame was asked what she thought of Scott Morrison’s use of the phrase “as a father”, referring to a chat he had with wife Jenny, when he responded to allegations by Brittany Higgins#abc730 

“Let me be as frank as I can be. Politics has never mattered less to me. Leadership is not about doing what's popular, it's about doing what's right.” - Victorian Premier@DanielAndrewsMP . #abc730  @mjrowland68  #coronavirus  #vicpol  #auspol 

"You are our best hope of stopping #coronavirus . Your individual behaviour is the most important thing to prevent it spreading." - @leighsales  #abc730 

A single person on JobSeeker will receive a little over $300 a week to live on. A politician receives more than $280 per day in travel allowance when they are in Canberra on top of their salary. @leighsales  asks Senator@Anne_Ruston  why that is fair. #abc730