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As it launches into its preseason, IU basketball is perceived to be leaning into its past, and in some ways it is. But in others, it is demonstrably trying to bring itself forward, and it has full faith in Mike Woodson as the man to do that. Insider: #iubb 

What's old is new again. IU basketball got its jersey piping back: via @indystar  #iubb 

Logan Duncomb on missing games in Atlantis: "It kind of sucked not being able to play, watching our team doing as well as they did. But everyone's doing well in practice. ... I don't think it set us back." #iubb 

Duncomb's big injury this year was a shoulder strain. Said he had a couple other minor things through the summer, but full go now. #iubb 

Michael Durr signs off his portion of media day by saying "Go Hoosiers" into a microphone. Which is, oddly enough, the same way @ChrisKorman  ends every one of our conversations.

Race Thompson on Mike Woodson's practice of having players refer to Big Ten and national title banners before every workout: "When you point up there you just want to be better every single day. It's great motivation." #iubb 

Which makes it meaningful, I think, that it's his players (current and future) who have been Woodson's greatest cheerleaders, and relating to players might be the most important job of a college basketball coach today. Again, today's Insider: #iubb 

Eli is the best Manning. Sorry. Them’s the rules.


Indiana is getting moved aside for Ohio State, left out of the NY6 and knocked down the bowl pecking order behind a lower-ranked Northwestern team. That's a lot of bitter pills for the team with the second-best record in the Big Ten to swallow after the season IU had.

Fred Glass, who stressed at the top that he wasn’t speaking as an affiliate of IU, had some things to say about IU’s bowl fate and everything else that happened today. #iufb 

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IU's home game against Cincinnati on Sept. 18 is sold out. #iufb 

Mike Woodson is expected to add Dane Fife to his coaching staff, per source familiar with the situation. Joins Kenya Hunter, who will be retained from last staff. Fife spent 10 years at Michigan State, plus six as head coach at IPFW before that. @JGentry44News  had it first #iubb 

For the first time in its 70-year history, the Little 500 has been canceled.

Per source Archie Miller is out at IU after four years. @GoodmanHoops  reported first. #iubb 

The Big Ten failed IU football, Sunday and all season. This was just the reinforcement of a painful lesson for a team that didn't deserve this, that in college football, respect isn't earned, only taken by force. Insider on a shambolic outcome: #iufb 

NEWS: Tom Allen has agreed to a restructured contract that will bump his average annual pay to $4.9 million. This is the largest contract IU athletics has ever handed out. #iufb