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In court papers and interviews, at least four pro-Trump rioters have said they joined the march that spiralled into violence in part because the US president encouraged them to do so.

CGH to pay more than $326,000 in damages to estate of woman who died from lung cancer

Thai woman sentenced to 43 years in jail for insulting monarchy

Washington's inauguration is normally a ball – now it's a 'ghost town with soldiers'

Russia's second vaccine '100% effective', watchdog tells media

Some Democrats say Biden is right to set great expectations while realising he'll have to compromise, rather than starting with smaller goals and having to scale them back further.

King toppled from throne by gender-neutral card deck

India asks Facebook's WhatsApp to withdraw privacy policy update

Chinese authorities appeared not to have learned from mistakes made when 9 million people in Wuhan were shut in during the early days of the epidemic, according to some reports.

Researchers in the US and Switzerland studied dozens of people who had recovered from COVID-19 and found that while their antibodies may fade over time, they maintained levels of specific memory B cells.


Hong Kong's government is pushing ahead with a controversial bill outlawing insults to China's national anthem.

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Hong Kong’s embattled government had appealed to uphold a controversial ban on masks

"We will never forget what happened on July 21," said Lily, a protester dressed in black.

China's foreign ministry and state media rounded on a university entrance exam question that asked students to decide whether Japan's invasion of China in 1900-45 "did more good than harm".

Ignoring social distancing, protesters mock Hong Kong leader Lam on her birthday

Hong Kong’s education chief has asked schools to discipline any students or teachers who join a planned strike over Beijing’s imposition of a controversial national security law on the city.

Cisco security officer found dead at #ChangiAirport  toilet with single gunshot to the head

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In 2019, Arashi sold 3.3 million albums compared to Taylor Swift with 3.2 million sales and BTS with 2.5 million sales.

Fans of Blackpink stepping up their protest against YG Entertainment in Seoul