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There were internal discussions about "potentially recasting" #AmberHeard 's role 😲

The man took 5 video clips, lasting between 5 and 22 minutes each, of the victim removing her clothes and taking a shower.

"I was just 16 when you took my virginity on your office floor. Do you remember that? I know you do."

Within Grab, there is now "an intense focus on getting to profitability", according to sources.

Coinbase’s 2021 revenue was US$7.8 billion.

Ho Jun Jia used Marc Merrill's credit card details to deceive AWS and Google into delivering services which he used to mine cryptocurrency.

The accent is "thicker on some days" 😲

If you're intending to rent your own place, here are some things to look out for 💡


Blackpink’s Lisa celebrates 25th birthday back home in Thailand with family and friends after three years abroad

Hong Kong's government is pushing ahead with a controversial bill outlawing insults to China's national anthem.

"We will never forget what happened on July 21," said Lily, a protester dressed in black.

Hong Kong’s embattled government had appealed to uphold a controversial ban on masks

Ignoring social distancing, protesters mock Hong Kong leader Lam on her birthday

Fans of Blackpink stepping up their protest against YG Entertainment in Seoul

#GE2020 DEBATE: "We have elderly people not being able to even make ends meet, having to sell cardboard, and then you have ministers like you making $150,000 a month, that is simply not right." – SDP's Chee

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Youngjae, who goes by the name Ars as a producer, is releasing his first solo album on 5 October.

Concert review: #TWICE  mostly sugar with a dash of spice at first concert in Singapore LANDinSG #TWICELANDinSG  #트와이스