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Just two years ago, Hidilyn Diaz received death threats from her fellow Filipinos for her alleged involvement in a plot to overthrow Duterte and destabilise the government. #Tokyo2020  #TokyoOlympics 

Chan Han Choi, 62, from Sydney, was charged in 2017 with offences including seeking to broker deals between North Korea and Indonesia.

17-year-old Neha Paswan was allegedly beaten to death by members of her extended family in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh because they didn't like her wearing jeans.

US says China's sea claims have 'no basis' in international law

WHO sounds the alarm on 'harmful' e-cigarettes

The village is now full of Tinder profiles of people who aren't actually competing in the games.

Indonesia reports record 2,069 virus deaths in 24 hours

Check out photos that capture the differences between the Tokyo Olympics and Olympics Games of the past. #Tokyo2020  #TokyoOlympics 

NYC animal advocates say 1,393 animals were brought into Animal Care Centres (ACC) last month, more than double the number in February which was 631 dogs and cats.

In Jakarta, the Catholic Church has converted a pastoral centre into an isolation ward to care for COVID-19 patients.


SB19 were the first Filipino and Southeast Asian artists nominated for the Top Social Artist in the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, alongside BTS, Blackpink, Seventeen and Ariana Grande.

Hong Kong's government is pushing ahead with a controversial bill outlawing insults to China's national anthem.

Harper's Bazaar Thailand shared a photo of Lisa on its official Instagram on 16 April and wrote, "This June, prepare for (Lisa of BLACKPINK's) solo debut. Let's wait and see how fun her first song will be."

"We will never forget what happened on July 21," said Lily, a protester dressed in black.

Hong Kong’s embattled government had appealed to uphold a controversial ban on masks

China's foreign ministry and state media rounded on a university entrance exam question that asked students to decide whether Japan's invasion of China in 1900-45 "did more good than harm".

Ignoring social distancing, protesters mock Hong Kong leader Lam on her birthday

Hong Kong’s education chief has asked schools to discipline any students or teachers who join a planned strike over Beijing’s imposition of a controversial national security law on the city.

In 2019, Arashi sold 3.3 million albums compared to Taylor Swift with 3.2 million sales and BTS with 2.5 million sales.

#GE2020 DEBATE: "We have elderly people not being able to even make ends meet, having to sell cardboard, and then you have ministers like you making $150,000 a month, that is simply not right." – SDP's Chee

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