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Check this chimpanzee out! See how this amazing ape washes a T-shirt like a pro at a theme park in SW China

This vintage car takes you back in time. The 1930s-era holiday nostalgia train is back, bringing a dose of good old-fashioned holiday cheer to New York subway

Peruvian authorities arrest 27 army members for fuel theft

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#DailyChinaBriefing on Dec. 9: 1. China's AI market to reach 11.9 bln USD by 2023: white paper 2. China comes out better with job creation despite slower economic growth 3. Chinese navy ship docked in Kenya

10 easy pictographic Chinese characters you should know. Characters that each has a clear, identifiable "picture" within it are of greatest interest and easier for you to learn. 'Fire' - is a pictographic character that, in ancient times and now as well, depicts a flame.

Hong Kong police seize a semi-automatic pistol, 105 bullets and other prohibited weapons, the first time that a handgun has been seized related to the recent unrest

What were human activities like 100,000 years ago? Well, these newly unearthed relics may give us a hint

Finding the hidden gems! Enjoying an abundance of precious and semi-precious gemstones, Pakistan has the fifth largest reservoirs of gemstones in the world. Its gem and jewelry industry is going to embrace more opportunities

Lawmakers in Hawaii's largest city just passed what could be one of the strictest bans on single-use plastics in the country


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Xinhua's first English#AI  anchor makes debut at the World Internet Conference that opens in Wuzhen, China Wednesday

Global pop boy band attended Youth2030 high level event Monday to help launch the UN Strategy and the Generation Unlimited Partnership, calling on young people to love and speak themselves

10 things you didn't know about Chinese culture. Follow us now!

Seedlings in space! First-ever cotton plant on the Moon growing in #ChangE4  mini biosphere

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