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It is Noon in Washington. @JoeBiden  officially is President of the United States, and Donald Trump’s single term in office is over.

If you didn’t already like the Vermont schoolteacher who made the famous @BernieSanders  mittens enough, she has a refreshing, and complete, lack of interest in new business or fame because her 2nd grade report cards are due today. via @Slate 

Jen Ellis says, “I can see that if I wanted to drop everything and pursue that path, I could do it, but who knows how long that would last? The path that I’m already on brings me a tremendous amount of joy and I think that’s the greatest symbol of success, right?” 👏, teachers.

To this day, it amazes me that I ever shared a minute of television airtime with @tombrokaw , let alone hours and hours of it. For your guidance and encouragement, your professional example, and for your friendship, thank you, Tom. I know you won’t be far.

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Our #SundayTODAY  Highs and Lows of the Week, especially the bottomless well of @BernieSanders  memes.

On #SundayTODAY , @byjacobward  on the 100th anniversary of robots, first introduced in a dystopian Czech play a century ago this week.

Charlie! Happy early birthday, buddy. Maybe we’ll see you on Sunday? ☀️


This hasn’t received much attention on a busy day, but under repeated questioning from @PeterAlexander , Acting@CustomsBorder  Commissioner Mark Morgan eventually admits the 78 miles of border wall built under President Trump are renovation to existing barriers. No new wall.

I can report South Koreans here in Pyeongchang are not as enthralled with Kim Yo Jong and the North Korean cheerleaders as it seems some media are back home. Something about N.K. killing, starving, & imprisoning its people while threatening South Korea with nuclear annihilation.

Pardon the language here, but I asked a House Democrat who is locked in his office whether Congress will reconvene tonight and finish its business. He replied: “Yep. We’re going back. Fuck these assholes.”

“At least two doctors at Walter Reed who refused to sign NDAs were subsequently not permitted to have any involvement in the president's care.”

I always think about the victims’ parents on these nights. You pour yourself into your child with every bottle in the middle of the night, every hand held crossing the street, every ride to practice, every hug, every laugh, every cry — and then to lose him or her like this. RIP.

Thinking about the 20 sets of parents who were dropping their first graders at Sandy Hook Elementary right about now, 5 years ago, the 6 families of staff members who gave their lives for someone else's children, and what they all have lived with every day since. RIP. #SandyHook 

Please spare us your “Enough is enough!” resignations on January 6th, 2021. Thank you.