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I believe they should get in. The end wasn't great but there is a WHOLE lot of meh around the country. I mean the 12th-seed in the B1G (WI) was on the bubble until yesterday. Pitt is a great story this year even if it's not Dixon-era great. It is, however, a tournament team.

Water torture has nothing on watching the Wizards find elaborate ways to lose games.

Did GBR’s WBC team get their unis at Play It Again Soorts?

The dynamics of the athlete-coach relationship in female sports are shifting. The overturn of Roe/Wade is yet another complex layer for both sides to navigate. "I literally will do whatever they need me to do ... even if I guess it puts me in trouble."

Let’s check in on Jason Zucker like 30 seconds after free agency begins …

A little disappointed the fans aren't chanting "Trouba is a Chooch" tbh.

TBH, all due respect as an alum, but I think if you finish four games under .500 in your league you shouldn’t get in. My 13 yo has been telling me for weeks WVU is in. And has not hesitated to calling out his old man.

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Evergreen tweet at NFL free agency begins. Report: Player to sign with team that offers him the most money. Source: common freaking sense.

Annual NCAA pet peeve. I think the 16s shouldn’t have to do a play in. It gives them what, 48-72 hours to enjoy the perks of getting in. Getting in is their version of a title. Let them enjoy it a little. I’m all for all the play in games be bubble teams from multi-bid leagues


Few players have embraced the legacy of what it means to be a Steeler than Shazier. Highly respected inside and outside that room. Young father. Bright future. Hope it’s not as bad as it looked for reasons far outside football

Geno: "Sid score goal, I want goal. Sid score another goal, I want another. Sid get hat trick, (Sid) stop!!"

This feels more like a Matt Canada issue than a Trubisky issue.

Simone Biles leads by more than 2.5 points heading to final rotation. At this rate, she could sit on the beam for 90 seconds playing "Fortnite" w/Stacey before dismount and still be in front. The queen stay the queen.

Watching Jordan Chiles and Jade Carey compete makes it really hard not to think about all the great college careers by elites that COULD have been if not for the baffling amateurism rules they were forced to obey back in the day. And by in the day I mean before like last week.

There's a LOT of curling on TV when I'm not at the Extreme Park. My favorite athlete here may be Korean skip Kim Eunjung, who screams so damn loud as the stone does ... whatever it does ... you get the feeling if you disobey her, you will be beheaded instantly. #Olympics 

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Jesse James: “I guess I don’t know a lot about football.” Said there was no doubt in the moment it was a TD. Said Grimble had similar play last year and TD stood on review.

Antonio Brown has occasional issues w/a HOF QB throwing him passes. How's he gonna handle it w/some random dude back there chucking it to him. Good luck w/that.