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“Come on buddy...it is no secret down here that blacks and chickens are quite fond of one another”

I guess, technically, the story of Cleveland’s 10 cent beer night could be described as a fable

"Rather than thinking of abolition as just getting rid of police, I think about it as an invitation to create and support lots of different answers to the problem of harm in society," @progressagent  writes:

The bosses have no control over tweets - which is why the wildly overreact to them

The authors of one of the academic papers most often trotted out to claim there is no racial bias in police shootings issue a full retraction following its repeated “misuse” by conservative pundits and note they made claims unsupported by their study

(Maybe it’s time to stop publishing the “ending Stop and Frisk will be destroy NYC” and “there is a literal war on cops” lady)

@YossiGestetner  They explicitly state that they made an inference/declared a finding that their data didn't support/that they didn't study. Read the retraction itself

@YossiGestetner  And here's the part directly before that. Being careless in describing your own research resulting in people believing it supports something it does not...is certainly retraction worthy. They made claims about probability of fatal encounters when their data...didn't measure that

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For those following this back and forth, the entire retraction is here:


NEWS: the Floyd family and Al Sharpton announce an they will hold a massive march on Washington in August to call for a federal policing equality act

Black Lives Matter spent tens of thousands of dollars to send covid masks to thousands of protesters across the country. Law enforcement seized the shipment

What if we lived in a world where the officers would just order Rayshard Brooks an uber to make sure he got home safely?

Reminder: the debate at the core of all of this is anti-racist protesters saying police commit acts of violence with impunity and the police saying “no we don’t.” Judging by what you’ve seen in the last week, which side of the debate appears to you to be telling the truth?

Elmo’s dad just provided the most concise explanation of protest that I’ve ever heard

Context: For years federal law enforcement has been hesitant to label/treat white supremacists groups as terrorist orgs -- it would infringe on rights of Americans if cops monitored them the way they do foreign terrorist groups, they've argued. Apparently that's fine for Antifa

Seeing some commentary saying that this type of hostility toward the press is due to Trump. Police in Ferguson did this on many nights. Full camera crews and reporters targeted with arrests, tear gas, rubber bullets and on some nights threatened with lethal force. That was 2014

When the story of this is written, the NBA postponement and Tom Hanks diagnosis could very well be the moment the average American began taking coronavirus seriously. The question, of course, is how much worse this will end up being because that took so long

As always, everything can be true. The violence can be the result of black residents, and also white anarchists and anti fascists, and also white supremacists and other subversive agents and also... We often foolishly craft simple narratives to explain complicated realities.

something that occurs to me about the “police targeting journalists” narrative: protesters’ right to speech/assembly is the exact same — from the same amendment — as that of the press. Both groups should have the exact same protections under the First Amendment