FUN FACT: One year ago today, #Bitcoin  was $38,642

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BREAKING: US US SEC denies Grayscale's Spot#Bitcoin  ETF application.

In 1994, a man walked into abortion clinics in Brookline, MA with a semi-automatic rifle. He killed 2 people and wounded 5 others in his rampage. I was US Attorney for Rhode Island at the time, and our clinic, just an hour away, could have been next.

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Betting markets say there is a 63% chance Joe Biden will not be the Democratic Party’s 2024 Presidential candidate.

That’s a monster beat on China NM-PMI

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The SEC has denied the Bitcoin ETF yet again. Things are about to accelerate as a whole bunch of autists are not only pissed off that they have lost money but are now pissed off at the SEC. Expect lawsuits.

The SEC has denied Grayscale's proposal to convert GBTC to an ETF. Deeply disappointing. The point of the SEC is to protect investors & an ETF is unquestionably a better product for them. This decision defies both common sense & federal law. I hope it goes quickly to court.