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The Washington Post today debuts @SingletaryM 's Money Milestones, a guide with practical tips for navigating the financial decisions at each stage of your life

Statement from Post Publisher and CEO Fred Ryan

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. @ccolemanmedia  has been named @PostOpinions  first-ever Photo Editor and @MissIllustrator  joins as a designer, part of the section’s growing investment in visual coverage.

@ccolemanmedia  @PostOpinions . @MissIllustrator  a @PostOpinionslso  welcomes seven new contributors as it deepens its coverage of topics such as economics, policy and leadership: , @jimgeraghtyMary  Hadar, , @PasquiniGabriel  , @RameshPonnuru , @amandaripley  a @NatashaRSarinnd  Ruy Teixeira.

Google, Facebook and Microsoft helped build the scaffolding of AI. Smaller companies are taking it to the masses, forcing Big Tech to react via @nitashatiku , @GerritD , @WillOremus 

WATCH: @BeckyKrystal  joins @DCNewsNow  to discuss substitutions for eggs when baking and cooking

Former British prime minister @BorisJohnson  writes in @PostOpinions  : [Putin's invasion] has vaporized the case against Ukrainian membership of NATO. He explains why it's time that Ukraine join the alliance as soon as possible.

WATCH: @CleveWootson  joins @thelauracoates  on @CNN  to talk about his new Kamala Harris reporting, including interviews with more than a dozen Democratic leaders concerned about Harris’s political strength


New from @PostOpinions  Editorial Board: China is using the cover of coronavirus to escalate its repression in Hong Kong

Sunday's @washingtonpost  newspaper will feature a 12-page special section on mass shootings in America. It lists every mass shooting since 1966- 165 in 54 years. The section includes the names of all 1,196 victims and photos of the more than 400 lives lost since Sandy Hook.

"The picture is so stark that election officials around the country are reporting record early turnout, much of it in person, meaning that more results could be available on election night than previously thought," @AmyEGardner  and @eliseviebeck  report.

Former Watergate prosecutor in WashPost: Comey’s statement is sufficient evidence for an obstruction of justice case