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Reagan National Airport is experiencing major delays after an incoming flight experienced a hard landing, prompting the shut down of two main runways. Unconfirmed reports on social media say the issue was related to either the tires or the landing gear.

The historic Grimke School was one of the country’s first schools for Blacks after the Civil War.

Al Wolf is used to clearing one or two snakes from under houses but recently was called by a woman who said she had seen rattlesnakes scurry under her Northern California house and was surprised to find more than 90 rattlesnakes getting ready to hibernate.

The Arlington County Board will advertise meetings to discuss whether to create permanent 20 mph “slow zones” near 13 of the county’s schools.

Fairfax County police said that multiple electronics were recovered from Bieret's home and he has been charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography.

The No More Puppy-Mills Act bans the sale of dogs and cats by retail pet stores, in an effort to curb the sourcing of animals from irresponsible breeders.

UPDATE: The airport encouraged passengers to check with their specific airline for “residual impacts to their flight schedule.

McAuliffe and Youngkin continue building on the highest amount of fundraising ever seen in a Virginia governor’s race.


Two lawmakers in Sweden have nominated Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize.

Louis Tomlinson and Hanson are among the performers scheduled on today's livestream concert calendar.

Thousands of National Guardsmen have been moved to a parking garage after they were told they could no longer use space within the US Capitol Complex.

Results published Wednesday by the New England Journal of Medicine show that hydroxychloroquine was no better than placebo pills at preventing illness from the coronavirus

Who do you think won tonight's #VPDebate ?

JUST IN: D.C. ends its ban on indoor dining. Restaurants are now open at 25% capacity.

Gloria Richardson, a civil rights pioneer who was captured in a photo as she pushed away the bayonet of a National Guardsman, has died. She was 99. In 1962, she led the Cambridge Movement on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

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With a spike in coronavirus cases, Italy now has the highest number of infections outside Asia. Authorities stepped up measures to ban gatherings, including stopping Venice’s carnival events.

JUST IN: Fairfax County’s school board has voted to rename Robert E. Lee High School after the late U.S. Rep. John Lewis.