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The sooner Republicans demystify Donald Trump, the better for them and for the country, writes @peggynoonannyc 

Nancy Pelosi’s first two legislative bills in the new Congress would consolidate Democratic power, writes The Editorial Board

This week Corporate America moved from captives of wokeness to active accomplices. The legal and political consequences may prove profound, writes @KimStrassel 

The most enduring way to address an extremist religious ideology is to recontextualize its teachings and reform it from within, writes Yahya Cholil Staquf

Will Biden take after Reagan’s example and listen to the other side’s concerns? It would be an important step toward the unity he has promised, writes Kenneth L. Khaghigian

A mail-vote fiasco in Pennsylvania comes to an end, 70 days after the election.

The American Cancer Society reported that cancer mortality declined by a record 2.4% in 2018 and 31% since the 1991 peak. Credit better and earlier diagnostics and therapies and a decline in smoking.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey admits that the last week has accelerated the erosion of a free and open internet that is one of America’s great achievements.


The Horowitz report reveals the Democrat’s many distortions, writes The Editorial Board

The newly signed USMCA is a sweet relief to farmers in rural districts like mine, writes @RepTedBudd 

Christopher Steele has little credibility left after the inspector general’s report, writes @KimStrassel 

Justice Department IG Michael Horowitz compiled a factually damning report that even a thickheaded and biased press will have to take account of, writes @HolmanJenkins 

If Adam Schiff were confident in his legal position, he’d want to put the case to a judge. Yet he seems desperate not to, writes @DavidRivkin  and Lee A. Casey

The media question of the day is why members of the press corps aren’t deciding on their own to reject the source who seems to have been misleading them for years, writes .

Social-media companies are censoring information about the Covid-19 treatment my company is developing after Trump mentioned it, writes @josh_disbrow