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Here are the questions that Joe Biden should have to answer in the first debate, writes @KimStrassel 

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron asks, “Do we really want the truth, or do we want a truth that fits our narrative?”

You know who doesn’t buy the left’s thesis that America is a racist country, hostile and dangerous for nonwhites? The millions of Africans who apply each year for a green card, writes Dave Seminara

Democrats should take a cue from Britain’s Labour Party: Take what voters said in 2016 seriously and adapt, writes @josephsternberg 

The Editorial Board: President Trump’s election remarks feed the left’s fantasy of a post-election coup.

If the nominee is Amy Coney Barrett, Democrats should resist the urge to target her for her faith, writes @Peggynoonannyc 

A second wave of originalist judges would gradually change the way lawyers behave and help to bridge America’s political divisions, write John O. McGinnis and Michael B. Rappaport

Democrats would rather scare voters with the possibility that Roe v. Wade could be overturned than enact legislation protecting women nationwide, writes @TedRall 


Social-media companies are censoring information about the Covid-19 treatment my company is developing after Trump mentioned it, writes @josh_disbrow 

The Horowitz report reveals the Democrat’s many distortions, writes The Editorial Board

The newly signed USMCA is a sweet relief to farmers in rural districts like mine, writes @RepTedBudd 

Christopher Steele has little credibility left after the inspector general’s report, writes @KimStrassel 

Justice Department IG Michael Horowitz compiled a factually damning report that even a thickheaded and biased press will have to take account of, writes @HolmanJenkins 

If Adam Schiff were confident in his legal position, he’d want to put the case to a judge. Yet he seems desperate not to, writes @DavidRivkin  and Lee A. Casey

The media question of the day is why members of the press corps aren’t deciding on their own to reject the source who seems to have been misleading them for years, writes .

The NBA’s posture in Xinjiang sent a strong message to the Chinese Communist Party: For the right price, anything is up for debate—even the value of a human life, writes @MarshaBlackburn 

Iran’s murder of dissident David Afkari on Saturday should be a wake up call to democratic world leaders: Tehran won’t moderate. Work with the Iranian people to bring change, writes @PahlaviReza