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The Biden administration is trying to sell its Build Back Better agenda by demonizing the superwealthy, but that’s just the sales pitch. The actual product is a tax bill sent mostly elsewhere, writes @CliffordAsness 

A union referendum follows a series of corruption scandals. Direct election may not end corruption, but it can’t do much worse.

Win or lose, Terry McAuliffe has handed the GOP a powerful midterm issue and shown the potency of education, writes @KimStrassel 

Public policies that give priority to the interests of lawbreakers only lead to more lawbreaking, and by extension to more economic inequality, writes @jasonrileywsj 

Inflation is like Covid: If it gets loose, it will dominate our politics. It causes great unhappiness but also makes new things possible, writes @HolmanJenkins 

In sticking up for Dave Chappelle, Netflix is really defending its own leadership, writes @HolmanJenkins 

An insane conspiracy theory might be as good an explanation as any of how Trump somehow keeps coming to the rescue of the Democrats just as they look to be burying themselves in their own extremism, hypocrisy and unfitness for office, writes @gerardtbaker 

Future View: At best, cancel culture is a kind of chronic petulance. At worst, it is the antithesis of free speech.

Livestreamed sermons open the door to more congregants but provide an attenuated worship experience, write @PaulGlader  and John Semakula

Whereas a loyalty oath compels assent to authority, a DEI statement demands active ideological engagement. It’s less like the excesses of anticommunism than like communism itself, writes Lawrence Krauss


Social-media companies are censoring information about the Covid-19 treatment my company is developing after Trump mentioned it, writes @josh_disbrow 

The NBA’s posture in Xinjiang sent a strong message to the Chinese Communist Party: For the right price, anything is up for debate—even the value of a human life, writes @MarshaBlackburn 

New data show that states that shut down the longest suffered the most economically.

China’s treatment of Gui Minhai, a Swedish bookseller, is a threat to international order, writes @benedictrogers