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Six states were undercounted in the 2020 census while eight states were overcounted, Census Bureau officials reported Thursday

Eight companies are to blame for nearly half the stock market’s decline this year—and the pain doesn’t end there

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia leader Patrick Harker said he supports the central bank doing more big rate increases at its coming meetings as it seeks to lower inflation

“Higher food and energy prices are having stagflationary effects, namely, depressing output and spending and raising inflation all around the world,” said U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler said he worries that more investors will be harmed in the crypto markets

The median existing-home price rose 14.8% in April from a year earlier, with $391,200 a record in data going back to 1999, the National Association of Realtors said

Heard on the Street: Mortgage lenders are playing defense amid rising interest rates, but some pricing power might emerge for originators

Research or advocacy by regional Fed banks on education, inequality and climate-change issues has raised questions about the central bank’s reach

The median price for an existing home grew to $391,200, up from $374,800 in March. Home sales, meanwhile, dropped amid high prices and rising interest rates


The bottom half of all U.S. households have 32% less wealth than in 2003. The top 1% have more than twice as much as they did then.

WSJ scoop: The Justice Department endorsed a bill forbidding large digital platforms such as Amazon and Google from favoring their own products and services over competitors’, the Biden administration’s first full-throated support of the antitrust bill

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang says his universal basic income policy would prepare people for the 21st-century economy: "We need to wake America up to the fact that it is not immigrants that are causing these [job] dislocations, it's technology." #WSJFuture 

The Labor Department released its proposal to create a new type of apprenticeship that would be run by business groups, colleges and other entities, rather than the federal government.

A brief history of U.S. inflation since 1775

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Gas is so cheap you could drink it (but don’t)

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Germany managed to keep most of its factories open during the lockdown, while the government has moved aggressively to provide support for businesses and workers. Southern Europe, meanwhile, depends more heavily on tourism, which has dried up.

Study finds "almost zero correlation" between World Bank "Doing Business" report and actual ease of doing business.

It would take 228 years for black families to amass the wealth white families have now, a new analysis says