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U.S. home sales surged in September as demand remained strong, but sky-high prices made it more difficult for first-time buyers to compete.

Eager for a deal by the end of October, President Biden has been willing to compromise on key planks of his domestic agenda

A shortage of child-care workers is sending ripples across the U.S. workforce, stymieing employers as they try to hire more workers and sidelining the careers of women

Single people hoping to buy homes in the current housing market are running out of options

Gross domestic product data from the U.S. and eurozone this week will show how sharply economic growth slowed in the third quarter

Europe’s economic recovery has slowed as factories scramble for parts, but an easing of Covid-19 restrictions has boosted growth in Japan and Australia

Heard on the Street: For retailers that are prepared for the holidays, this will be a December to remember. For those that are not, it will be the season that might have been.


The U.S. imposed visa and export restrictions on Chinese state-owned companies and their executives involved in advancing Beijing’s territorial claims in the contested South China Sea

Complaints about China have piled up in Western capitals in recent years, but it took Beijing’s new curbs on Hong Kong’s autonomy to galvanize them around something approaching a common cause.

The U.S. national debt will rise to 98% of GDP by 2030, CBO projects

“Real” wages—pay adjusted for inflation—for the lowest-earning tier of workers fell 0.5% in August from a year earlier. That contrasts with 2.1% annual growth in the two years before the pandemic.

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Joe Biden wants to raise taxes by about $4 trillion over a decade to finance his ambitious agenda. Democratic control of the Senate is the key to getting any of that done.

Japan is giving every person in the country nearly $1,000 as part of a $240 billion coronavirus stimulus package

More Americans are quitting their jobs than at any other time in at least two decades, adding to the struggle many companies face trying to keep up with the economic recovery.

Germany managed to keep most of its factories open during the lockdown, while the government has moved aggressively to provide support for businesses and workers. Southern Europe, meanwhile, depends more heavily on tourism, which has dried up.

Forecasters expect U.S. GDP to expand 1.9% this year, from an anticipated 2.3% in 2019, and unemployment to inch up to 3.6% by year-end

Supply-chain delays cascade through manufacturing. For just one type of hot tub, 1,850 parts come from seven countries and 14 states and travel a cumulative 887,776 miles.