Tokyo Olympics

A Belarusian sprinter who had publicly criticized the country’s national coaches at the Tokyo Olympics said she was taken to an airport to be sent home against her will

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Tokyo Olympics

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$DT Dynatrace, Inc. Common St Top stock up 115% from low. Close: 73.97 VolvsAvg: 1.14 Liq: $82M

The Quad is the best hope for balancing China in the Indo-Pacific, @d_jaishankar  and @tanvi_madan  argue. What will it take for the group to succeed?

Very much a beta calculation. It will evolve over time to more accurately predict crash probability.

F1: Learned from Friday practice for the Russian Grand Prix at Sochi

Biden said the relationship between India and the US, the largest democracies in the world, is "destined to be stronger, closer and tighter." #ModiInAmerica 

Good morning from #Germany , where SPIEGEL holds a swan song for the country. Germany has no "Zukunftsfähigkeit," ability to face the future. Only 7% of Germans support reforms as Merkel will leave a country more at ease w/itself than at any time since republic was set up in 1949.

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Looks like Team Europe has its work cut out in the @rydercup . Team US up 6 against 2 after the first day. Europe needs 14 points to retain the cup. Vamos boys.

Gold prices flat as markets await Fed tapering timeline #CommodityNews  #Outlook