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Tesla's Cybertruck is finally here (although a little worse for the wear after Elon's on-stage experiment), and 1.2 billion personal records were found an on exposed online server. Here's the news to know today:

Black Friday deals are already taking over, but not all of them are good. We've gathered up a list of early deals that are actually worth your time (and money).

An open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook outlines the perils of Apple's choice to serve as the gatekeeper of its precious App garden.

Opinion from @vermontgmg : "The sad fact is that while Russia in 2016 weaponized America’s own partisanship against us, rather than uniting as a country against foreign incursions, the GOP ... said, enthusiastically, “Yes, please, I’ll have more of that.”

With the help of an absurdly powerful laser, researchers appear to have found a way to make metal truly unsinkable. Seriously. Even when they forced the device to the bottom of a tank and held it there for months, it surfaced when they let up

For humans, assembling Ikea furniture is simultaneously simple and hellish: We may run into all kinds of problems, but our ability to improvise and manipulate surmount them with ease. For a robot, it's pure horror all the way through

Opinion: Even if Facebook follows in Google’s footsteps and bans highly targeted political ads, it would not be enough to protect next year’s presidential election from coordinated disinformation efforts. The root of the problem is their business model

There's cooking and then there's cooking with @bonappetit 's Brad Leone and Chris Morocco. They answered questions from Twitter on how to make your best Thanksgiving yet. Watch the full video on @YouTube :


People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth.” Watch Greta Thunberg speak at the UN Monday morning.

Don't look now, but @BostonDynamics ' robot Atlas is back. And now it can do parkour.

In case you actually want to #DeleteFacebook , your Facebook-owned Instagram account, or maybe even yourself on here:

🎥 Nike’s new shoe magically adapts to your foot

In case you really want to #DeleteFacebook . Here's how to make it last:

In Sierra Leone, nurses who survive Ebola return to help others

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In other news, this @BostonDynamics  robot just learned how to open doors and let itself out.

Making a two-legged robot walk is hard enough, but have you ever seen one do a backflip?