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  3. cows remain on the loose after truck fire in dauphin county
Cows remain on the loose after truck fire in Dauphin County https://t.co/LxbtXkceh0
Cows remain on the loose after truck fire in Dauphin County https://t.co/LxbtXkceh0


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After a deadly fire on Valentine’s Day fire killed three women living in a halfway house, the News4 I-Team is raising questions about conditions at other recovery houses in Nashville.
A high school student and his 28-year-old brother were arrested after the teenager allegedly threatened to open fire at a school campus. https://t.co/nn29aOLLbk
Eight former command staff members of San Francisco Fire Department's Station Two, who were reassigned to different firehouses after a sexual harassment scandal in the 2016, are suing the city and the fire department. https://t.co/BzD8SXdDKt
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UPDATE: A 12-year old girl in Laurel County was found safe Wednesday night, three and a half hours after she went missing outside London, according to the Laurel County Sheriff's Office.
Neighbors were frightened after the #WetlandsPark brush fire scorched 14 acres last night. @AdamHerbets talked to some of those neighbors.

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While stopping his truck along the road for a pee break, a man's stationary vehicle caused a massive fire on the highway.
#viu #MenInBlackBox
A number of the boys remain in hospital after falling ill at Saint Stephen's College after lunch yesterday. #9News
UPDATE: Kentucky 914 in Pulaski County reopened shortly after 9:30 p.m. after a stretch was closed for nearly four hours Wednesday following a log truck accident, according to the state. https://t.co/fs9apSogwc
Hwy. 3 in Rosemount has reopened hours after big fire breaks out along the road. https://t.co/1xuFEKZA3l
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