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Latest Scoops

'Very unique' discovery: German WWI sub found intact with 23 bodies inside https://t.co/PJYvO92ZTn
Geyser-like tower of water shoots into air, shocks bystanders https://t.co/rMqMKosMOW
Walmart's holiday plans involve more hours, no temp hires for stores https://t.co/qNdFLmDfUU
Rihanna's new makeup line is getting praise from people with albinism https://t.co/jAcLdS5Edi
Video shows dog being pulled to safety following earthquake in Mexico https://t.co/uYPguwBw1A
Moment kids found alive in collapsed school https://t.co/RviyiOhxKm
Trump cranks ups pressure on GOP senators to act on new health proposal https://t.co/c0qw0Cdgnk
Six women turned up at a wedding wearing the same dress https://t.co/sPgDH1llsL
Mueller team's focus on Paul Manafort spans 11 years https://t.co/nCNbsGndOe
Video shows Cadillac drive away after striking woman on motorcycle https://t.co/LF0zzcS2Gs
Family says someone shot, killed at least 7 of their pet horses https://t.co/JYpKk5PEXx
Why Mexico had two major earthquakes less than 2 weeks apart https://t.co/u2gjXSSj7e
$30 million worth of drugs recovered in record-breaking bust https://t.co/dMwaNUAoR0
Watch: Police officer fakes out students at football game, leads cheer https://t.co/VYvVl004CT
Kindergarten students help train service dog https://t.co/sihuxnHEm3
Cashier fights back after armed robbery https://t.co/Ye1S6J0adD
Star Wars: Galactic Nights returning to Hollywood Studios https://t.co/cZPOcanJuX
Gangsters wave guns, rap about murder in music video that led to their arrests https://t.co/5gAhod5NlQ
Hurricane Maria makes landfall in Puerto Rico as Category 4 storm https://t.co/yr4PZviSR4
NFL star catching heat over children's safety in social media video https://t.co/1X0LZtVRpC
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